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AzuEPI is Extended Player Inventory from OdinsQOL pulled out for your modular pleasure. Currently pulled out as is, but soon get a rewrite of sorts!

Date uploaded 2 months ago
Version 1.4.3
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202



AzuEPI is Extended Player Inventory

Version checks with itself. If installed on the server, it will kick clients who do not have it installed.

This mod uses ServerSync, if installed on the server and all clients, it will sync all configs to client

This mod uses a file watcher. If the configuration file is not changed with BepInEx Configuration manager, but changed in the file directly on the server, upon file save, it will sync the changes to all clients.

What is the difference in this version of ExtendedPlayerInventory compared to others posted?

  • This version comes with more compatibility in mind, as well as a few more features.
  • One core feature is making it very very hard to lose your items, even when your inventory bugs out.
  • It also comes with an API for mods/mod authors to add custom slots to the inventory. This is used by Jewelcrafting to add dedicated slots for the utility items.
  • Seamless compatibility with Equipment And Quickslots, through automatic disabling of conflicting features. Also, seamless migration from it. Please see the Migration from Equipment And Quickslots section for more information.

Recommended to install via r2modman or Thundersore Mod Manager

If you are installing this manually, you will need to make sure BepInEx for Valheim is installed correctly. Then, just make sure the dll ends up in your BepInEx/plugins folder.

Other mods adding slots via the API (Extreme example)

Mods that added slots in the image above:

Jewelcrafting, BowsBeforeHoes, Backpacks, MagicPlugin, and Fenrir's Curse

Mods that can be seen in the image above:

Jewelcrafting, BowsBeforeHoes, Backpacks, MagicPlugin, Minimal_UI, RapidLoadouts, Fenrir's Curse, and of course, AzuEPI.

API Information/Wiki

Migration from Equipment And Quickslots

  • More information on migrating from Equipment And Quickslots:
    • If you remove Equipment And Quickslots, you only need to boot the game up with this mod installed. Upon player spawn (Don't freak out about being naked at the main menu!) your items will be migrated to the new system. You will either drop the items and thus be found on the ground in front of you, or find them in your inventory ( Gear slots should auto equip!).
    • Once your player saves your Equipment And Quickslot gear will be erased. Migration back to his mod might not be as smooth. You have been warned!

Feel free to reach out to me on discord if you need manual download assistance.

Author Information


DISCORD: Azumatt#2625


For Questions or Comments, find me in the Odin Plus Team Discord or in mine:


Version Update Notes
1.4.3 - Prevent NRE x2
1.4.2 - Fully packed tombstones (including items that were in special slots) will now empty in one interaction, if there's room in the player's inventory.
1.4.1 - Fix an NRE that Ashlands introduces when looting tombstone.
1.4.0 - Update for Ashlands (wasn't really needed nothing broke).
- Update ItemDataManager internally.
- Add Auto Equip option (On by default). Automatically equips items that go into the gear slots. Applies when picking up items, transferring between containers, or picking up your tombstone.
1.3.12 - When you break something in a mod of this size, you hear about it fast. Good news is I have a lot of new friends in my DMs and Discord. Bad news is (or good news if you're one of the people that hate me now), the slots have been reverted/removed. The configuration options for them still exist as I do plan to implement them again. This is just a hotfix to make people more happy and to continue with their life. Next time it will be toggleable or something. Love me again?
1.3.11 - Add two new slots for your Right Hand and Left Hand. This comes with two new configuration options for the text in 2 - Extended Inventory section respectively.
- Add commands for the mod. azuepi prefixed and contains the following commands:
- azuepi.dropall, azuepi.breakall, azuepi.repairall, azuepi.removeall,azuepi.invlistall, and azuepi.quickfix
- azuepi.dropall also comes with a button for the inventory as a "last resort" flush of items in your inventory if the built-in fixes didn't fix it. Found in section 3 - Button
1.3.10 - Dragging and dropping items from your equipment slots will now unequip them and put them where you placed it.
1.3.9 - ZenDragon pestered me a few times that his players were losing their shiny gear mid-battle because their pockets were stuffed and they couldn't dodge a hit to save their loot. Consider this update my way of holding your hand as you bravely make questionable battle choices and hoard like a dragon (even with your extended inventory!). Now, your treasures won't get an express ticket to the ground just because you decided to turn your inventory into a clown car. Happy hoarding and try not to get thwacked too much, yeah? Details on the update are below.

- When you have a full inventory and your gear in the equipment slots loses durability, they do not drop due to being outside of the normal inventory grid and attempting to add them back to your inventory failed.
- If unequipping an item inside your slots cannot be added to your inventory due to it being full, the action is now prevented and prompted to the user why. Instead of dropping the item to the ground when you attempt to unequip with a full inventory.

Remember: dodging is key, hoarding is an art, and your gear is now safer than ever. Fight smarter, not harder, and maybe clean out your pockets once in a while.
1.3.8 - Fix for Marketplace's Transmog causing issues.
1.3.7 - When you had something like EpicLoot that used custom properties on items, it wasn't properly copying that information for the items in the quickslots (not gear slots, those were fine). That's just not Epic. Well, it's now Epic again as I have fixed the issue. Additionally added some checks for when your inventory is full, just in case you're an overweight Viking.
1.3.6 - Equipment and Quickslots seamless migration code added. Please see the Migration from Equipment And Quickslots section for more information.
- Remove hash checking on server connection to speed up connection. AzuAnticheat can handle that instead
- Fix possible issues when using AzuContainerSizes
- Update APIManager
- Other shit I can't remember.
1.3.5 - Recompile for Valheim 0.217.29 and update APIManager internally.
1.3.4 - Fix for JC Synergy window
1.3.3 - Ghost slots fixed for when equipping items that would make the row size incorrectly. (thanks Blaxxun)
1.3.2 - Update the API to have the quickslots items exposed for easy access for mods like QuickStackStore. This should allow mods like that to ignore your quickslots easier when you use their auto depositing features.
- Update ServerSync internally
1.3.1 - Expose the funcs in the API for better identification of slots
- Blaxxun's fix for Backpacks closing the UI
1.3.0 - Update to allow custom slots. Added an API for the mod. Jewelcrafting now has dedicated slots using this API
- Inventory can now be live updated with the configuration manager without issue
- Code has been moved to a new repository and made public.
- A huge and special thank you to Blaxxun for working with me on this update.
1.2.4 - I was tagged in a bug about my shit throwing an error when your inventory was full but your armor breaks. This should fix that issue. If not, let me know I was a dumbass.
1.2.3 - Update for Valheim latest version.
1.2.2 - Fix some issues with WeightBase compatibility
1.2.1 - Hildir's Request
1.2.0 - Change some true/false settings to On/Off instead Regenerate your config file! (you do this by deleting the configuration file and rebooting the game with the mod, so that the file recreates itself based on defaults)
- Quickslots and display seperate are on by default now. Turns off quickslots if you install RandyKnapps EAQs mod automatically.
- Accept a pull request from Blaxxun that fixes an issue with Backpacks new code.
1.1.9 - Updated for Hildir's Request 0.217.5
1.1.8 - Updated for Valheim 0.216.9
1.0.8 - Fix an issue with the vanilla UI that I created.
1.0.7 - Remove my testing code, packaged the wrong DLL,
1.0.6 - Force disable the quiver in BetterArchery if you have it enabled. A warning will prompt in the logs/console window. Just as that mod's configuration will lose all your arrows in the quiver. Head the warning young padawan.
- Fix overlapping the weight when MinimalUI is installed.
1.0.5 - Fix an issue that could occur when attempting to remove broken items from the inventory and add them back. Though the action performed it's job, it could sometimes throw an error to the console.
1.0.4 - Seems some people were having issues on 0.214.2 of the game. I didn't see any, but here is a version compiled against it just in case.
1.0.3 - Fix a compatibility issue with Cheb's Necromancy which would cause this mod to throw errors. He still needs to fix his code.
1.0.2 - Use a Keyboard Shortcut fix from Margmas to allow you to walk and use your quickslot keys at the same time. We live in the future now! BepInEx should really handle this better and not need this workaround.
1.0.1 - Update to add forgotten chest UI dragging
- Changed the config file a lot. YOU WILL NEED TO REGENERATE YOUR CONFIG FILE to make it work properly
- Add command azuepi fix to fix your inventory manually if there are issues
- Implement inventory Auto fixer that will attempt to fix your inventory if something is wrong by opening and closing your inventory. Will also run once after "Take All" is used on a chest, just in case. Uses vanilla methods to do this, and shouldn't cause item loss.
1.0.0 Initial Release