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Ability to batch add fuel and ore to appropriate places.

Date uploaded 2 months ago
Version 1.9.0
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202


Comfy Add All Fuel


  • You no longer need to press the button repeatedly to add fuel, food, ore, etc.
  • When using the any smelters, cooking stations, or fireplaces, interact key (default e) will behavior as normal
  • When pressing the modifier key, batch adding will be attempted up to the fuel/food/ore limit.


  • The unit of batch injection is done per stack.
    • For example, if you have wood (10/50) and wood (20/50) in your inventory, 10 of them will be consumed from your inventory.
    • If you do it again, 20 of them will be consumed.
    • If the fuel limit is less than the stack, only that amount will be consumed.


  1. Enabled
    • true: MOD enabled
    • false: Mod disabled
  2. ModifierKey
    • Modifier key used to control batch injection.
  3. ExcludeNames
    • Item name to exclude from submission.
    • Example: $item_finewood,$item_roundlog
    • Refer to this document for item names.

Supported Consumers

  1. Smelter
  2. Charcoal kiln
  3. Blast furnace
  4. Windmill
  5. Spinning wheel
  6. Campfire
  7. Ovens
  8. Cooking Stations
  9. Various torches



Comfy Version Update


  • Updated for Ashlands patch v0.218.15
  • Fixed RPC names with prepended "RPC_"


  • Fixed bug where incorrect number of items removed from inventory.


  • Added support for cooking stations
    • Ovens: fuel and food
    • Cooking station: food
    • Iron cooking station: food
  • Remove all items from cooking station by holding modifier key (provided all slots are full)
  • Updated references to valheim_data\Managed from unstripped_corlib
  • Refactored
  • Updated readme


  • Removed all logging


  • Removed unnecessary logging statements.


  • Added compatibility for mistlands by updating GetItem(string) to GetItem(string, int, bool)
  • Added compatibility for mistlands by updating Smelter.OnAddFuel and Smelter.OnAddore signatures
  • Refactor patches into patch folder and respective Object.cs files


  • Removed ability to get items from nearby chests and retains only ability to batch add fuel and ore.


  • There was an error in the changelog for version 1.6.1, which has been corrected.

  • There is no change in the program content.

  • Fixed a bug that caused items to be lost in version 1.6.0.

  • We believe that this bug was caused by the server not being able to send the correct commands when batch-loading items.

  • As a result of this fix, the effects of batch item submissions are now displayed multiple times.

  • If you are using version 1.6.0, please update to version 1.6.1 or 1.6.2 .


  • This version may have a bug that causes items to be lost.
  • Rewind the effect processing when fueling, which was changed in version 1.6.0.
  • This may have caused items to be lost due to a lack of coordination with the server.


  • Changed so that the effect is only displayed once when items are inserted in bulk.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when no storage is found nearby.


  • Fixed a conflict with the "Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel From Containers" mod!
  • If a player's inventory and containers do not reveal a valid item when in individual item mode (default E), the other mods will continue to process the item.
  • Note that in batch mode (default: Shift Left + E), other mods will not continue to process if an item is not found.


  • Batch loading of fuel from containers is now supported.


  • Batch feeding to campfire and torch is now supported.


  • Added an option to exclude items used to input fuel, etc.
  • Added option to throw in even excluded items when throwing in fuel, etc. one at a time.
  • The ability to refill items from containers in the "Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel From Containers" mod has been disabled, except for the input of charcoal.


  • Fixed a bug that caused items to be duplicated when used in conjunction with the "Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel From Containers" mod.


  • Added an option to change the switching between feeding items one at a time or in batches.
  • Change "IsReverseModifierMode" in the configuration file (rin_jugatla.AddAllFuel.cfg).
  • false: Batch submit with Modifier key (left shift) + Use key (E)
  • true: Use key (E) to submit all


  • Changed to use the mod when using the facility while holding down the modifier key (default: left shift).
  • Added support for NexusUpdateMOD.