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Valheim Enchantment System

Mod brings old MMORPG's equipment enchantment experience to Valheim

Date uploaded a month ago
Version 1.7.0
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202


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Mod brings old MMORPG's equipment enchantment experience to Valheim.

Version Changes
Added new stats: max_hp, max_stamina, hp_regen, stamina_regen. Improved text visual clarity for some stats (%)
1.6.9 Ashlands
1.6.8 New Valheim version update
1.6.5-1.6.7 Bug fixes
1.6.4 Removed wings and auras vfx's. Will add them as separated mod later
Fixed for new valheim version
1.6.3 Bugfixes
1.6.2 Enchant button now always visible
Fixed a bug that was thworing errors when loggint ouu / shutting down the game
Few UI QoL bugfixes
1.6.0 Added ItemFailureType option: LevelDecrease, Destroy, Combined
Changed the .yml structure of Chances. Now you need to specify success and destroy (optional) chance so it works in Combined mode
1.5.4 Added movement_speed enchant stat
Fixed AUGA compatibility issues
1.5.3 Now Enchant UI also shows enchantment chance (including skill level bonus)
Added F tier scrolls you can use in configs
Added scroll combination mechanic (combine 5 or 3 scrolls into higher tier)
Please remove EnchantmentReqs.yml and main config so it will renew itself and be fresh
1.5.2 Small UI fixes
1.5.1 Added world notifications when someone encnahts / fails an item. Can be disabled on serverside globally of locally in client settings tab
1.5.0 Changed UI visuals
Added inventory / hotbar UI vfx
Added Enchantment Settings tab where you can disable VFX's
Added additional effects section to enchantment colors, wings + auras for now
1.4.5 Fixed FPS lag issues while playing on server with ServerCharacters
Info UI fixes
1.4.4 Added new stats: attack_speed and slash_wave
Added new Info UI that will show item enchant stats, and chance
1.4.2 - 1.4.3 Added new config that allows you to enable VFX for armors
1.4.1 Fixed a bug with wrong player resistances
1.4.0 Added new skill: Enchantment. Skill increases enchant success change
Skill exp can be gained by consuming skill exp source orbs that are dropped from monsters with low chance (everything configurable)
1.3.5 - 1.3.6 Fixed ItemStand items with enchantment bug
1.3.4 Fixed localization not working
1.3.3 Added new enchantment modifiers to .yml (resistance_blunt, resistance_slash and so on)
1.3.2 VFX now correctly applies to items with multiple mesh parts (crossbows, modded items)
1.3.1 Fixed small issue with UI updates when putting item in chest
1.3.0 Fixed wrong tooltip values bug
Fixed incompatibility with Jewelcrafting + Extended inventory new visual slots
1.2.0 Replaced Override .yml files to be able to affect group of items, instead of individual one
Please remove Override_ yml files before start so they can be recteated
1.1.0 Added 4 directories for Override + Requirements additional .yml files
1.0.0 Mod released

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