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Reduce the reload time of the Arbalest (and other crossbows + Dundr). Now with 'stay loaded' configuration.

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Version 0.1.5
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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100


Fast Arbalest

Reduce the reload time of crossbows and Dundr

Now with a "stay loaded" configuration! Loaded crossbows stay loaded while slung across your back.

Can't stand waiting for the your crossbow (or Dundr) to reload? Fast Arbalest allows you to change the reload time. Includes an option to reduce the damage proportionally to keep the DPS balanced.


  • Added configuration to allow a loaded crossbow to remain loaded while slung on a player's back.
  • Added proportional damage for Dundr. Sorry, no more "free lunch".



  • Reload Rate: Percentage of 'normal' time to reload the Arbalest, from 10 to 100, e.g. 50 is 50% of the reload time of the 'regular' Arbalest.@
  • Proportional Damage: Reduces damage proportionally to the Reload Rate to maintain DPS, e.g. a 50% reload time results in 50% of full damage.@
  • Pauseable Reload: Pauses reload action when running, jumping or dodging, rather than restarting it.@
  • Sling Loaded: Allows slinging a crossbow on your back (show/hide or swim) while loaded. Unslinging does not require a reload before use.@


  • LogLevel: Controls the level of information in the log.

In-game reconfiguration

You can use Configuration Manager (or similar) mod to change the configuration without exiting the game. The configuration will reload if you make changes to the config file.

Compatibility issues & defects

  • If you find a compatibility issue you can post it on NexusMods. Be sure to include the mod name and version you think may be incompatible.
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    • Your version of this mod
    • What you were doing, or attempting to do when it happened
    • If it's repeatable - i.e., can you duplicate it?
    • The exact behavior you observed (or didn't observe)
    • If possible, post a capture of the log file with errors (errors always begin with this mod's name) on Discord


All config settings whose description ends with an asterisk(@) are server authoritative.

Set Pausable Reload depending on your preference for realism. Real Arbalests cannot be 'half-cranked'; it's all or nothing. However real Arbalests also cannot be cranked without a windlass and foot stirrup, so it's your choice! Sling Loaded will allow you to load your crossbow and have it stay loaded as long as it's slung on your back, e.g. using the show/hide key, or while swimming. When re-equipped using the show/hide key, it will still be loaded. Once it's unequipped or swapped for another weapon, you'll need to reload.

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  • Added configuration to allow a loaded crossbow to remain loaded while slung on a player's back.
  • Added proportional damage for Dundr.


  • Updated for Ashlands
  • Added configuration to pause reload while running, jumping and dodging, rather than restarting the reload.


  • Updated for Hildir's Request