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Achievements, Bounties, Treasure Hunt, Player Metrics, Leaderboard, Indexing

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Version 3.3.2
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2105



The Valheim Almanac plugin is a comprehensive tool that meticulously indexes creatures, items, equipment, and player achievements, providing a detailed record of the Viking's journey. It seamlessly weaves together a rich tapestry of the player's accomplishments, transforming their adventures into a living achievement system within the expansive world of Valheim.


  • Creature data
  • Item data
  • Pieces data
  • Player metrics
  • Achievement system
    • Achievement Rewards: Items, Skill EXP or Status Effect
  • Leaderboard
  • Bounties
  • Treasure Hunt


  • Knowledge wall server synced configuration
  • Achievement server synced configurations
Version Update Notes
1.0.0 - Initial Release
1.0.1 - Wrong name lol
1.0.2 - Small Tweak for compatibility with RtdMonsters and monsterlabz
1.0.3 - Fixed compatibility with modded monster mods that have missing values
1.0.4 - Minor tweaks to make mod work in various languages by having text dynamically resize
1.0.5 - Minor changes to the logic on how it finds creature to display in languages other than english
1.0.6 - Added a patch to fix any overlapping trophies
1.0.7 - Hotfix for latest valheim patch - more updates to come soon
2.0.0 - Major update - Almanac now supports items
2.0.1 - Almanac now supports pieces
2.1.0 - Added Black List feature and fixed minor bugs
2.1.1 - fixed minor bug
2.1.2 - fixed black list and duplicate pieces
2.1.3 - improved blacklist and added drop chance to creature info
2.2.0 - Player Metrics and Achievement system
2.2.1 - Added item count / total to panels and compatibility with MinimalUI
2.2.2 - Controller Support
2.2.3 - minor bug fix with kill tracker and added config to make almanac panel transparent to use with minimal ui
2.2.4 - another minor bug fix
2.2.5 - Compatibility with World Advancement Progression
2.2.6 - Added Auga incompatibility flag and fixed guardian power icon for custom powers
2.2.7 - auga incompatibility
2.2.8 - More redundancy on custom status effects and french translations update
2.2.9 - Some krumpac compatibility work and moved ignore list to a yml format in the config folder
2.3.0 - Hotfix compatibility with recent valheim patch update
2.3.1 - fix for list of biome creatures config
3.0.0 - Overhaul of entire project. Delete all old config files to clean up workspace
3.0.1 - Fixed the leaderboard and tweaked the creature panel
3.0.2 - Localization for many languages built-in and some minor fixes
3.0.3 - Fixed creature panel - achievement panel improved - localization improved
3.0.4 - Small localization fixes and filtering
3.0.5 - Added further information on fish and fixed achievement completion percentage
3.0.6 - Check completed achievements when achievements are changed
3.0.7 - Fixed interact button not working until you opened inventory
3.0.8 - Hotfix if defeat key not found in player data
3.0.9 - Fixed achievements rewards
3.1.0 - Small fixes for compatibility with Krumpac
3.1.1 - Tweaked visuals of achievement panel to showcase active effects - effects persist upon death and log out / log in
3.1.2 - Moved player tracked data to player custom data and added configurable hotkey to open almanac
3.1.3 - Added new achievement reward types (Items,Skills,StatusEffect) and a redundancy if almanac fails to get item icon
3.1.4 - Added function that updates leaderboard if player is server
3.1.5 - Added feature to create grouped achievements
3.1.6 - Improved terminal commands and tweaked player controller to not move while almanac is open
3.1.7 - Added new achievement type: CustomPickable and Almanac Bounties
3.1.8 - Fixed achievement button
3.1.9 - Improved Bounty UI, Added Treasure Hunt
3.2.0 - Fixed logout issues and patched eating food metric
3.2.1 - Added ability to add cost to bounties and treasure hunts
3.2.2 - Minor tweak to player patches
3.2.3 - Attempt to fix bounties not registering correctly
3.2.4 - Bounties and achievements can reward almanac class experience
3.2.5 - Fixed a minor issue of trying to send leaderboard data while on menu rather than in-game
3.2.6 - Resolved bug when trying to create custom runetexts with other mods
3.2.7 - Ashland update
3.2.8 - removed player data directory
3.2.9 - removed cost return for treasure hunts exploit
3.3.0 - Added cooldown to treasure and bounty hunts
3.3.1 - fixed trophies
3.3.2 - Added config to disable achievements, bounties or treasure hunts

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