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Adds 3 small and 5 new large boats with anchors and lamps and a boatyard that can help you on your journey.

Date uploaded 3 weeks ago
Version 1.3.3
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202


# BoatAdditions

Adds 3 small and 5 new large boats with anchors and lamps and a boatyard that can help you on your journey.

## Installation (manual)

  • extract BoatAdditions.dll file to your BepInEx\Plugins\ folder.

## Features

  • Adds anchor function to vanilla boats.
  • Adds 3 new small boat called Outrigger Karve, Large Raft and Canoe.
  • Adds 5 new large boats called Outrigger Skeid, Snekkja, Knarr, Kvalsund and Drakker.
  • Each boat has its own lamp that can help you navigate at night.
  • Each boat has its own anchors, if you logout while boats are still anchored, if you log back in they will still be anchored.
  • Configurable recipe and boat stats.
  • Adds a new crafting station called Boatyard, you can use this new crafting station to craft parts of boats which then you can use to build your boats.
  • Customizable storage sizes (NOTE: NEVER change the size of the storages if it has items inside, remove items first before changing.)
  • Uses ServerSync and built-in ConfigWatcher
  • Configurable through config file or Configuration Manager

## How to use anchors

  • Hover your mouse to the rudder (ship control)
  • Then press the corresponding hotkey (default: Shift+F) to drop/raise the anchor (configurable)


- changed the default craftingstation of boats to workbench (you still need the boatyard to craft the required materials to build a boat)
- (NOTE: DELETE /config/blacks7ar.BoatAdditions.cfg in order for the changes to take effect)
- minor code fixes
Changelog History (click to expand)

- updated piece manager.
- fixed vulkan support.
- fixed build menu tab scaling (updated piece manager).
- updated for the latest valheim build (218.15 ashlands)
- added 2 new large boats called kvalsund and drakker.
- fixed boats storage bug.
- updated to the latest valheim build (217.46)
- added build custom category called BoatAdditions (configurable)
- you can now change boats storage sizes without logging out of the game.
- (NOTE: empty the storage first before changing its size.)
- as requested added config option for boats health points (Note: only affects newly build boats)
- updated serversync
- as requested added config option for boats storage size, you can now customize boats storage sizes (Needs a logout to take effect).
- NOTE: NEVER change the size of the storages if it has items inside, remove items first before changing.
- updated to the latest valheim build (217.28)
- updated serversync and dependencies
- updated manifests bepinex dependency string
- added toggle option to disable boatyard.
- put localization example to a zip package to avoid unnecessary duplicates.
- fixed minor translation issues
- added toggle option to enable/disable my custom sail (blacks7ar logo)
- fixed multiplayer version check issues
- updated to the latest valheim build (217.22)
- added spanish translation
- removed anchor hotkey from being synced and locked so players can have their own key configuration.
- removed item manager and piece manager.
- added config option to disable item recipes.
- added config option to customized boat stats (ie. ships speed etc.)
- added german translations (thanks to @BLUBBSON & @icemansparks)
- updated to the latest valheim build (217.14) hilders request.
- fixed outrigger karves collider (when damage and broken).
- fixed icons visual glitch.
- removed boatyards terrain modifier so it can be built on wooden/stone/marble floors
- fixed boatyard bug where you can build it on top of a tree.
- added a new crafting station called boatyard which you can use to craft boat parts which then you can use as materials to build your boats.
- added 3 new craftable materials use to build boats.
- added a new small boat called canoe good for traversing rivers.
- added a new large boat called knarr (norse merchant ship) which is way bigger than the longship or snekkja good for transporting lots of goods.
- fixed outrigger karve's colliders that prevents the boat from moving on shallow waters.
- fixed outrigger skeid's onboard collider
- as requested added anchor function to vanilla boats
- fixed an NRE cause by newly created boats when the mod is just added
- changed anchor hotkey to a combination hotkey (from Y to Shift-F) (configurable)
- as requested added anchor feature for each boat
- fixed double outrigger karve storage bug
- changed double outrigger karve name to outrigger karve
- as requested all lamps now gives fire buff with a small range
- added large raft which is bigger than vanilla raft, has its own Lamp and small storage
- fixed outrigger skeid and snekkja's water impact effect
- adjusted snekkja's speed a bit to match outrigger skeid's speed
- reduce build requirements to only use 5 materials instead of 7
- fixed index out of bounds error by having too many requirements
- (huge shoutout @Majestic for the feedback, as always thank you very much.. i swear i tested it with 7 requirements and got no error.. thats weird xD)
- first release