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Creatures and Bosses now individualized with random values. Also displays health in the nameplate once damaged. Configurable

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Version 1.0.7
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Random Creature Values

This mod randomly changes monsters when they spawn and gives you config value ranges for creature Health, Walk Speed, Run Speed, Alert Range, and Circling Interval
as well as...

Miniboss, Ghost, and Charged

Ghosts can only spawn at night and increase 15% health and all movement speeds, as well as adding valuables to drops
Charged can only spawn during Rainy weather and increase 20% health and all movement speeds, as well as adding a special meade to the drops
Minibosses can spawn anytime and increase the loot as well as health and size, and will drop valuables


Giant: 40 - 80% larger and 35 to 75% more health
Exhausted: 15% slower movement speed and health decrease
Fuming: Red, 15% movement speed and health increase
Random Colors

Multiplers....If Normal Health is 10....setting Min of .75 and max of 1.5...will either decrease by 25% or raise 50%

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SERVER SYNCED Config Options, Must Restart server for New values to go into effect

Version Control
1.0.7 - Swamp rain removed from charged possibility, Shader errors fixed..APologies for back to back update
1.0.6 - No need to regen config,
- ghost unity log spam fix, Charged creatures changed a bit, default chance cfg is now 25%, potion duration increased, rarity of its drop increased
1.0.5 - REGEN YOUR CONFIG. Major Config reordering. Added Boss random chances and Charged creatures. Fixed Some issues with Ghosts.
1.0.4 - REGEN YOUR CONFIG. Chance to spawn as Ghost version added.
1.0.3 - Minibosses Emission removed, will now just change color....Added coins and rubies to drop table of minibosses
1.0.2 - Miniboss update
- New configs added For lootmin and max multipliers.
- spawn with random colors
- changed naming format / added more names
1.0.1 - MiniBoss Chance added, Creatures now have a configurable chance to spawn as miniboss.
- Minibosses gain min/max health addition, tolerate fire, Random Name Suffix, Removes tameable, and increases Size(configurable)
- Health Bar Fixes when reach 0-1
- Added Acceleration and Alert Range min/max multipliers
- Death text added to top left corner instead of nameplate
- random scale min/max all creatures
1.0.0 - Release. Please Report bugs / suggestions