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Bunch of little UI tweaks. Tooltips for production timers, player status, items. Custom chest names, buff list, and so on.

Date uploaded 2 weeks ago
Version 1.0.9
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202


My Little UI

logo Bunch of little UI tweaks. Tooltips for production timers, player status, items. Custom chest names, buff list, and so on.


  • Amount of required resources from your inventory when crafting
  • Colored durability bars on items
  • Configurable icon scale
  • Reordered item tooltips (EpicLoot supported)
  • Highlight stats to be upgraded in crafting description
  • Hold Alt to disable item tooltip altering
  • Present quality level as configurable symbols (star by default)


  • Default position is above the minimap (you can move it to any position in the screen)
  • Show/hide current day or current time or both
  • Time could be set in a configurable fuzzy way


  • Advanced character stats in character selection screen
  • Combined characater stats in Armor hover tooltip (Top Right section in inventory window)
  • Combined active status effects in Weight hover tooltip (Bottom Right section in inventory window, EpicLoot magic effects supported)


  • Fermenter (time to end, percent, current mead)
  • Plants (time to full grow)
  • Cooking stations (time to cook/coal for each cooking item)
  • Oven (time to bake/coal for each baking item)
  • Windmill (time to produce everything, depends on current wind force)
  • Spinning wheel (time to end)
  • Smelters (show ore and fuel on both sides, time to end, queued items in order)
  • Kiln (time to end and queued wood)
  • Tameable (time to stay fed for tamed, time to tame for untamed)
  • Tamed (time to grow up)
  • Eggs (time to hatch)


  • Rename chests
  • Configure what to show on chest hover
  • Free slots or current/max item count
  • Show chest content

Status effects

  • Move status effects anchor
  • Set direction of status effect list fill
  • More compact look for status effect
  • Move ship control interface
  • Distinct settings for nomap mode and regular mode

Installation (manual)

extract MyLittleUI.dll folder to your BepInEx\Plugins\ folder.


The best way to handle configs is Configuration Manager.

Or Official BepInEx Configuration Manager.





  • more bulletproof for MinimalUI compatibility


  • fixed item tooltips for gamepad
  • clock


  • Ashlands
  • show container content
  • container info will not be shown for unowned private chests


  • fixed character stats error with no character selected


  • horizontal spacing in item quality symbols
  • inventory animation speed


  • item quality as symbols
  • major tooltip optimization


  • eggs hover


  • tamed hover


  • fix for item durability and icon scale for nonvanilla inventory


  • Initial release