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Adds over 30 entirely new armor sets, spread across all biomes!

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.1900


This mod adds over 30 new armor sets. Most stats, crafting materials etc. can be modified using the config.

** Please delete your old config file when new versions are released! **

Please note that I have not played Ashlands yet. The armors included which are intended to be from this biome have rather uninspired crafting requirements (as I don't want spoilers for myself). So, feel free to use the config to make them more challenging to craft. Thanks.


Contact me for bug reports, in most of the Valheim modding discords. Username: southsil#6784


I would like to express my immense thanks to GoldenJude. Without their help and guidance I would never have come close to being able to create this mod. I would also like to thank blaxxun and Azumatt for their help.


Set bonuses cannot be modified and I have no ability to change that - sorry.

Aim of this mod

My hope is that the added armors so that they compliment the vanilla armors without outshining them. My overall goal is that they provide more, interesting options.

Mostly, the added armors will benefit those who want to play more slowly and progress more safely, as they tend to provide extra, optional, incremental steps of power, before progressing to the next biome.

In most cases, the modded armours in a respective tier, when compared to vanilla armor of that tier, tend to have:

  • Increased armor value, at the cost of increased movement speed penalty.
  • More costly to make, or require rarer materials (eg. rare trophies)
  • Set bonus (which is usually niche, and can be ideally be ignored easily)
  • Rarely, a resistance (these are very powerful).

Examples include:

Heavy armor:

  • +2armor/piece compared to vanilla
  • -7%movement speed/piece (compared to -5% on vanilla armors)
  • Set bonus

Very Heavy armor:

  • +4armor/piece compared to vanilla
  • -9%movement speed/piece
  • Set bonus

There are some exceptions. I am also starting to add lighter (than vanilla) armors.

There is also a cluster of armors currently powered around Ashlands tier. Some of these will be updated as further biomes are released. Eg. the "Deep North Armor" will, one day, be balanced around that biome. The crafting materials will, of course, be updated.

There are two "secret" armors, which I have made no attempt to balance. Please ignore them if you want a balanced play through... or become godly and enjoy them for what they are!


Meadows tier

Neck-King armor.

A lighthearted set themed around Necks, and the jewels from crypts. Set bonus = +10 swim skill, poisen resistance.

ID: neckhelm, neckchest, necklegs

Chieftain armor

A heavier leather armor which is visually quite busy/complex... two helmets, one with a boar hood, the other with a deer hood. Each helm has a 1-piece set bonus. Also some reasonably cool and blue tattoos.

ID: chiefhelmboar, chiefhelmdeer, chiefchest, chieflegs

Bronze tier

Trollfighter armor.

A lighter bronze armor. There is an alternative helmet made for a good friend. Unique helm has a one-piece set bonus of +5 Clubs skill & + 25 Max Carry Weight. Trollfighter set has +15spears skill.

ID: trollhelm, trolllegs, bronzetrollhelm (default), trollhelm (harder to make, more unique).

Battleswine armor.

A heavy bronze armor, themed around the Boar. No set bonus currently.

ID: heavybronzehelm, heavybronzechest, heavybronzelegs.

Ancient armor.

An expensive set to make, with better defense than standard bronze armor and the same mvt penalty. No set bonus.

ID: ancienthelm, ancientchest, ancientlegs.

Iron tier

Knight armor.

A heavy iron ages armor. Set bonus = +15 blocking skill.

ID: knighthelm, knightlegs, knightchest.

Abomination armor.

A very heavy iron set. Set bonus = Resistance to Blunt, Weakness to Fire.

ID: swamphelm, swampchest, swamplegs.

Silver tier

Legionnaire's armor.

Expensive to make, using Ancient armor pieces as one material. Light and better than vanilla silver. No set bonus but chest gives frost resistance.

ID: ancientironhelm, ancientironchest, ancientironlegs

Valdr armor.

A heavy silver armor. Set bonus = +20% Stam regen & +15 Clubs.

ID: heavywolfhelm, heavywolfchest, heavywolflegs

Stone Golem armor.

A very heavy silver armor. Set bonus = Resistance to Frost & +10% Stam & HP recovery. Chest has Pierce resistant innately.

ID: skoghelm, skogchest, skoglegs.

Sven's armor.

A unique set with no movement speed penalty and a bonus to bows, whilst still having high armor value. Very costly to make as a downside. Helm has a one-piece set bonus of +15 Bows skill.

ID: sven, svenchest, svenlegs.

Plains tier

Shieldmaiden's armor.

Lighter than padded armor, with 2 less armor/piece and -2%movement speed/piece, only. Set Bonus = +15 Clubs skill.

Please be aware that the chest and, to a lesser extent, the legs of this armor will NOT show correctly on characters with a male body. It doesn't look terrible but there are some pretty significant clipping issues, as it's designed around the female character.

ID: norahhelm, norahlegs, norahchest. 

There is also an alternative helm, a hood, with ID: norahhelmalt. Once again this mesh does not appear entirely correctly on male characters.

Blackmetal armor.

A heavy plains set, using blackmetal. No set bonus.

ID: bphelm, bpchest, bplegs.

Dwarven Steel armor.

Another heavy plains set. Expensive to make. Set bonus = +15 Pickaxes skill & +50 Max Carry Weight

ID: bearhelm, bearlegs, bearchest.

Loxgol armor.

A very heavy plains tier armor. Themed around mongols. Set bonus = +30 Riding skill

ID: loxhunthelm, loxhuntchest, loxhuntlegs.

Barbarian armor.

A powerful armor which is light, good armor and possibly OP set bonus. Requires Hildir plains boss trophy to make.

ID: ss_barbhelm, ss_barbchest, ss_barblegs.

Mistlands tier

Hrimbur (Frost mage) armor.

My first go at a mage set - be kind. A bit heavier than the vanilla Eitr-weave set.

ID: icemagehelm, icemagechest, icemagelegs.

Heavy Fenrir armor.

A light, unique set emphasis on speed and sneak, whilst still offering high protection. Made for my sister, and in my opinion one of the slightly overpowered sets. Set bonus = +5% Movement speed - 25% stamina usage with both running and jumping, +25% stealth.

ID: obswolfhelm, obswolfchest, obswolflegs.

Druid armor.

Slightly lighter than carapace armor. Bulky magic user.

IDs druidhelm, druidchest, druidlegs. 

Gjall-hunter armor.

Powerful set which is both light and strong, bonuses to bows, jump and stamina. Late Mistlands, and quite expensive to make.

IDs heavycarhelm, heavycarchest, heavycarlegs.

Rune Knight armor.

Heavy Mistlands armor. Mage-knight. Requires Knight armor pieces to craft.

ID: runeknighthelm, runeknightchest, runeknightlegs.

Jotunn-Bone armor.

Very heavy Mistlands armor. Think "The Mountain" from GOT. Requires Dwarven Steel pieces to craft. Set bonus = +15 Halberd skill, + 50 Max Carry weight, +10% health regen.

ID: bearhelm2, bearchest2, bearlegs2.

Seekurai armor.

Light and fast armor. Bonus stam regen and slash damage.

ID: samuraihelm, samuraichest, samurailegs.

Ashlands tier

Wraith armor

A lighter, battlemage type armor. Heavier than vanilla Ashlands mage armor.

ID: ss_wraithhelm, ss_wraithchest, ss_wraithlegs.

Aesir armor

This armor will likely be moved to a higher tier, in future updates. For now, it is slightly lighter than the predicted vanilla ashlands armor. It could be seen as an end-game Mistlands armor. Requires very rare materials, but has a significant set bonus. Set bonus = + 15 all skills (note, the tooltip appears as [skill_all], which I can't fix.)

ID: valkhelm, valkchest, valklegs.

Warlord armor.

Heavy ashlands armor. Set bonus to swords. Crafting materials will likely be updated when Ashlands is released.

ID: warlordhelm, warlordchest, warlordlegs.

St. Jude's armor.

(Yes, that Jude. Fun fact, my introduction to modding was commissioning GoldenJude to make the Serpent Knight armor. Recently, I wasn't sure if Jude was going to keep his mod updated, so I decided to make this armor which is visually very similar to the Serpent armor.)

Another heavy ashlands armor, without the extra movement speed penalty (eg. only -5%). Strong set bonus of +20% both HP and stam regen.

ID: stjudehelm, stjudechest, stjudelegs.

Odr armor.

Heavy, bear themed armor. Will later be a Deep North armor. Set bonus = stam regen and axe skill.

ID: heavybearhelm, heavybearchest, heavybearlegs.

Onslaught armor.

A very heavy armor set. Less stam when attacking, stam regen, movement speed boost. Reminds me a bit of "Doom Guy".

ID: ss_korokhelm, ss_korokchest, ss_koroklegs.

Flame Drake armor.

Very heavy ashlands armor. Charizard. Set bonus = +40% health regen and Resistance to Fire.

ID: lagihelmalt, lagichest, lagipants.

Deep North armor.

Currently balanced as a heavy/very heavy Ashlands armor. Will obviously be upgraded when future biomes come out. Set bonus = Resistance to frost and +15% Stam and HP regen.

ID: trueskoghelm, trueskogchest, trueskoglegs.

Unbalanced sets

Please do not use these for balanced gameplay.

Dragon Queen Champion's armor

This is a set made for someone very dear to me. It gives you a permanent tailwind and significantly overpowered set bonuses. Please simply ignore it if you don't want to use it.

ID: sven2, sven2chest, sven2legs, sven3.

World Serpent armor

Remember those awesome N64 games where you could unlock something ridiculous once you'd finished the game? This armor is a bit like that. Enjoy it for what it is, wear it if you want to feel like a true Aesir. You will need multiple other sets to craft it.

ID: wshelm, wschest, wslegs.


3.1.3 - Added Barbarian armor. Fixed an unintentional change to the colour palette of all armors touched in 3.1.0. They are back to how they were previously. Minor fixes including Onslaught helm armor value.

3.1.1 & 3.1.2 - Minor fixes.

3.1.0 - Ashlands. This ended up being a lot of work. Many armors are reworked, for example magic sets have eitr regen and Ashlands armors have heat resistance. ASHLANDS ARMORS MIGHT BE POORLY BALANCED, I HAVEN'T PLAYED ASHLANDS YET. Please report bugs, as a lot has been changed and there may be issues I have not found. Adds Wraith, Onslaught and Seekurai armor. Visual improvement to Valdr set. Started to use "ss_" for item IDs, but haven't yet been bothered to change all old ones. Lol.

Older Logs

3.0.5 - Added Legionnaire's armor, slightly reduced mats to craft Knight armor. Fixed a few particle effects (thanks Zephyros1).

3.0.4 - Added ancient armor, bronze tier. Tinkered with bronze tier armors. Moved Valdr armor to be a heavy silver armor. Made Stone Golem armor a very heavy armor. Improved some minor visual aspects of Odr armor, and fixed issue with the Odr helmet falling through world.

3.0.3 - Changed the meadows tier armor mvt speed penalties and crafting materials. Changed the Trollfighter armor to be like, with set bonus of spears. Changed the visual appearance of the Battleswine armor, and made it a heavy (rather than very heavy) armor. Added an Odr armor, which will later be a deep north tier but for now is Ashlands tier.

3.0.2 - Tidied up a few small things, including removing the fifth material to craft the Heavy Fenrir set. The UI has changed and no longer blinks to show the fifth item, making it very confusing and impossible to see what was required. So, I just removed it. All items should have a max material amount of 4, now. Added meadow tier armors.

3.0.1 - Readme updated to include Valdr armor. Added Battleswine armor.

3.0.0 - Extensive nerfs and rebalancing of virtually every set. Polish to Abomination and black metal sets. New sets added - St Jude's, Gjall-hunter, Trollfighter, Hrimbur. With so many changes, I have tried hard to find errors and fix them, however some will sneak through. Please let me know what you find.

2.7.4 - Updated to work with the latest Valheim patch. This required an entire new visual studio project so there might be some hiccups - let me known on discord if you find problems, please. Adds two new sets (16 and 17), but one not finished and neither all that polished. A few other miscellaneous balance changes and fixes, eg. nerf to Sven's set and the best legs in the game won't clip through the world anymore.

2.7.3 - Sorry for the rapid update, minor visual issue fixed.

2.7.2 - Updated to (hopefully) work with Hildir patch. Also some visual changes to an armor which doesn't exist.

2.7.1 - Updated references so hopefully it works with the new patch. A few minor tweaks to stuff, like innate resistances removed from some sets. Definitely nothing else...

2.7.0 - Added two new armors. Visual overhaul to Deep North Armor. Some crafting material changes (please delete config for them to be in effect). Hopefully have added localisation support too.

2.6.2 - Added Druid armor. Minor changes to other sets (eg. flavour text etc).

2.6.1 - Changes to Sven's original set, and addition of Dragon Champion set (which is an upgraded version of Sven's set). Also added Jotunn-Bone Armor, which is an upgrade of Dwarven Steel Armor. Reduced base armor of Dwarven steel (was too high for mats required).

2.6.0 - Nerfs to almost every set bonus, attempting to bring them closer in line with Vanilla armor in terms of power. Knight armor individual pieces nerfed too (no innate resistance on helm, but remains on torso). Old Deep North Armor has changed to be Stone Golem Armor (item IDs are unchanged), and power of this armor set reduced to be high silver tier. Added two new sets, Deep North (a "true" version of the old DN armor/ current Stone Golem armor) and Rune Knight armor (an evolution of the current Knight armor). Both new sets are Ashlands or Deep North tier - very powerful. Multiple small tweaks to flavour text, set names, texures, armor values, crafting materials.

2.5.0 - Nerfed Flame Drake set bonus to 100% and increased armor. Removed original FD helm, now only lagihelmalt exists. Added alternative helm to Shieldmaiden set and upgraded this set to Plains tier. Added two ABSOLUTELY BANGING new armor sets - Heavy Fenrir and Aesir - enjoy!!!!

2.4.2 - Adds Shieldmaiden's armor. Changes upgrading costs (god I had forgotten how painful chains are to collect), name, and description for Wandering Knight's armor (now just "Knight's").

2.4.1 - Fixes Wandering Knight set. I swear I checked this ~_~. Sorry lol.

2.4.0 - Uses updated ItemManager, ServerSync (with thanks to blaxxun) and Mistlands Refs (hopefully haven't messed these up), as well as adds Wandering Knight armor. Other minor tidying of pre-existing sets.

2.3.0 - Ornate/Kilted Silver Armor added (meant to compliment Sven's helm visually)

2.2.4 - Deep North Armor durability and repair errors fixed

2.2.3 - Deep North Armor chest and legs revamped significantly

2.2.1 - Server sync fix/issues (Another thanks to those much cleverer than me!)

2.2.0 - Dwarven Steel armor added

2.0.1 - Minor adjustments to armors

2.0.0 - Flame Drake Armor added

1.1.3 - Sven's helm added

1.1.2 - Minor adjustments to Deep North Armor

1.1.0 - initial release


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