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Lower Elemental Resistances

Lowers the player's fire, frost, lightning, poison, and spirit resistances for more hardcore play

Date uploaded 6 months ago
Version 1.0.2
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202


Lower Elemental Resistances

This mod lowers to player's elemental resistances (fire, frost, lightning, poison, and spirit) for a more hardcore playthrough.


  • Lowers all elemental resistances to 'very weak'
  • Elemental resistances are individually configurable to either 'very weak' or 'weak'

Mod details:

Valheims damage system works like this...

BaseDamage + (Modifier * BaseDamage) = Total Damage

Ex. Player has 'very weak' poison resistance and receives 1 poison damage: 1 + (2.0 * 1) = 3 Total Damage.

Modifiers include

  • Very Resistant: 0.25
  • Resistant: 0.5
  • Weak: 1.5
  • Very Weak: 2.0

By default the players elemental resistances are all 'normal'. This mod will change them all to 'very weak' and you can optionally configure it to 'weak'.

Support & Feedback

Please give me feedback if you have any thoughts about the mods! If you have any issues feel free to message me in the the OdinPlus Discord (see link at top of page).

Credit & thanks

I'd like to thank coemt for their help in making this mod! If you're someone that's interested in making mods, come by the OdinPlus discord and ask for help! Give it a shot!


I make mods because I enjoy it and want to make Valheim more enjoyable for everyone. If you feel like saying thanks you can tip here.

My Ko-fi: ko-fi

Source Code

Source code is available on Github.

Github Repository: Lower Elemental Resistances


Version Update Notes
1.0.2 - Readme changes
1.0.1 - Fixed the icon
1.0.0 - Initial Release