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Have you ever met your waifu? Dude wtf wake up this is not Anime this is 'High risk of dying repeatedly due to a high onslought of monsters'. Not to mention that BanpuxBanpibe, that ugly ass mf.

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Dependency string Asphelite-BlackWidowLewderSkin-2.0.0
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This mod requires the following mods to function

RyanPallesen-RyanSkinAPI-3.3.3 icon

An API that allows easy skin loading from PNG files

Preferred version: 3.3.3
KoolaidBerryBlue-Loader_Mechanical_Dairy_Skin-1.0.0 icon

Adds a new skin for the loader that gives her a Mecha Milk shirt and some other tweaks to her model.

Preferred version: 1.0.0


!Important! Obviously this is not my mesh, it was done by KoolaidBerryBlue, and this skin is still Work in Progress, since its my first skin. Please check KoolaidBerryBlue's site for the mesh first...

Adds a 'Black Widow' Skin for KoolaidBerryBlue's Loadermeshskin 'Lewder'. Please dont be dissappointed, its my first skin and Im still working on it.


Skin Preview


1 - Download and install RyanSkinAPI and the skin with all dependencies via the R2ModManager
2 - Search for this Skin
3 - Install and enable!
4 - GL, hf dying


1.0.0 - Release
1.0.1 - Changes to ReadMe and cfg
1.0.2 - Changes to ReadMe and cfg
1.0.3 - Finally getting along with the modding system, starting to create the actual skin instead of making everything black lol
1.0.3 - Fixed a spelling mistake, adjusted the skin
1.0.4/5 - Added dependencies
1.0.6 - Skin change because of uglyness ^^
1.0.7 - Skin change because of uglyness :3
1.0.8 - Skinpage adjustment, some things just dont work on first try.... :I
1.0.9 - Skinpage adjustment, some things just dont work on first try.... and RoR is f*cking around... I actually died a lot. Like. A lot. Mh, that would explain my depression tbh :/
1.1.0 - So far I think Im done, still adjusting t-shirt color, since I dont think having it multicolor is cool :3
1.1.1 - Loader decided to dress up with a black shirt
1.1.2 - ...
1.1.3 - For the love of god please work
2.0.0 - Final release of the 'Black Widow' Lewder skin. No actual changes to the skin (-> 1.1.3) but some tweaks to icon and Preview

Available versions

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2021-2-22 2.0.0 548 Install
2021-2-22 1.1.3 10 Install
2021-2-22 1.1.2 10 Install
2021-2-22 1.1.1 13 Install
2021-2-22 1.1.0 8 Install
2021-2-22 1.0.9 8 Install
2021-2-22 1.0.8 7 Install
2021-2-22 1.0.7 11 Install
2021-2-22 1.0.6 100 Install
2021-2-22 1.0.5 9 Install
2021-2-22 1.0.4 10 Install
2021-2-22 1.0.3 18 Install
2021-2-21 1.0.2 13 Install