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Adds the Enforcer from Risk of Rain 1 as a fully fleshed out playable survivor. Now with Ancient Scepter support

Date uploaded 2 weeks ago
Version 1.1.2
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  • Adds the Enforcer from Risk of Rain 1
  • Includes a bunch of unlockable alternate skills and skins
  • Now includes support for ClassicItems' Ancient Scepter

Join the discord server to share any feedback/bugs/suggestions-
Also consider getting the ScrollableLobbyUI mod, this guy has a lot of unlockable skins


Gnome - Coding
rob - Cooding
TheTimesweeper - Coooding
Enigma - Cooooding
PapaZach - Skill icons
Jot - Animations
DarkLordLui - Animations
Violet Chaolan - Sounds
LucidInceptor - Modeling
Destructor - Mod icon
Moffein - Idea Guy™
Ruxbieno - Idea Guy™

And big thanks to everyone testing and giving their feedback, the mod wouldn't be the same without it


Skill Description Stats
Riot Shotgun Fire a short range piercing blast for 8x40% damage. Proc: 0.5
Shield Bash Bash nearby enemies away for 250% damage. Use while sprinting to perform a Shoulder Bash for 450% damage instead. Deflects Projectiles. Proc: 1.0, CD: 6 sec
Shoulder Bash Short charge that stuns. Hitting heavier enemies deals up to 700% damage. Proc: 1.0
Tear Gas Throw a grenade that explodes into tear gas that leaves enemies Blinded. Lasts for 16 seconds. CD: 24 sec
Blind Reduces movement speed by 75%, attack speed by 25, and armor by 20
Protect and Serve Take a defensive stance blocking all damage from the front. Increases your rate of fire but prevents sprinting and jumping. CD: 0 sec

Unlockable Alts (spoiler alert)

Skill Description Stats
Super Shotgun Fire a powerful short range blast for 16x75% damage. Has harsh damage falloff. Proc: 0.75
Assault Rifle Fire a burst of bullets bullets dealing 3x75% damage. Fires 6 bullets instead during Protect and Serve. Proc: 0.75
Stun Grenade Stunning. Launch a stun grenade, dealing 400% damage. Store up to 3 grenades. Proc: 0.6, CD: 8 sec

Gnome's true dedication

Known Issues

  • Teleporter particles kinda big (We could fix this but we won't)
  • Cancelling shield with sprint does not work properly in multiplayer
  • Pending an R2API update , some achievements can't be unlocked in multiplayer. (they only work for host or single player).

Future Plans

  • Skills++ support


- Reworked Assault Rifle- resetting config is recommended
- Even more model tweaks, fixed Bungus head clipping
- Added back missing shoulder lights
- Added new skin
- Loadout choices are now visible in character select
- Added SSG bullet tracer
- Added sounds for the Bungus guns
- Fixed Mustard Gas not applying debuff
- Fixed Fresh Meat being unreasonably huge
- Shield Bash into P&S transition made smoother
- Tweaked Femforcer skin
- Added skateboard sounds and fixed some bugs
- Unfinished Breaching Hammer is now an actual melee attack

- Tweaked model some more
- Fixed item displays not showing up on the Assault Rifle
- Added skateboard model and animations- must be enabled in config to use it

- Updated model

- Added Femforcer- disabled by default, must be enabled via config (thanks modanon!)
- Added more bungus weapons
- Buffed Assault Rifle damage to 80%- config must be reset or edited manually to get the new value
- Buffed Assault Rifle proc coefficient during P&S to 0.4
- Buffed Assault Rifle fire rate
- Lowered Assault Rifle spread
- Added configuration for Assault Rifle
- Added config option to revert the Engi shield
- Added a new emote
- Fixed some animation weirdness
- Fixed Fresh Meat being huge

- Added gun shooting animations
- Tweaked sprint animation
- Tweaked aim animation
- Added item displays for items from the Aetherium mod
- Added support for Ancient Scepter!
- Tear Gas > Mustard Gas: Gas now deals 100% damage per second
- Stun Grenade > Shock Grenade: Grenade does more damage, has a larger radius and applies shock rather than stun
- Half reverted Engi skin's shield
- Fixed Sawmerang item display
- Fixed weird shield overlay on certain skins

- Fixed another minor bug

- Fixed a null projectile being registered to the catalog possibly causing bugs

- Updated Engineer skin's shield
- Updated Engineer skin's shotgun- only Riot Shotgun for now, other weapons coming soon
- Updated Doomguy skin's shield
- Updated Needler texture
- Lowered the amount of Bustling Fungus needed for Enforcer: Enforcing Perfection even more
- Fixed Shattering Justice placement- left the old hammer placement as a config option
- Fixed deflected projectiles sometimes not hitting the original owner of the projectile
- Fixed Needler not dropping when ragdolling
- Fixed Crowdfunder hitting the shield during Protect & Serve- the drone wasn't actually needed but it's staying
- Updated Super Massive Leech item display
- Added a config option to enable unfinished skills
- Changed config to use proper keycodes- this will reset your keybinds back to default but makes changing them easier, resetting config is recommended
- Fixed a typo in Shield Bash's description

- Increased Assault Rifle damage to 65%; 40% was a bug and unintended, sorry!
- Added animation when using the Needler
- Added a custom crosshair for Visions of Heresy- it's applied to every survivor but this can be toggled off via config
- Due to complaints, Shattering Justice has been placed somewhere more serious
- Lowered amount of Bustling Fungus required for Enforcer: Enforcing Perfection from 250 to 200
- Fixed Riot Shotgun firing no bullets when configured to fire only one
- Fixed an issue with Needler model still being visible even after getting rid of the item
- Fixed Backup Mags on the Needler being huge
- Fixed Visions of Heresy being hidden inside the head
- Fixed sirens not going off when deflecting golem lasers

- Nerfed Super Shotgun fire rate; it was actually bugged and was never supposed to have the same fire rate as Riot Shotgun
- Fixed bug with Super Shotgun ejecting a stupid amount of shells, added unique shells
- Added a Needler gun for Visions of Heresy
- Calm idle stance now only triggers when out of combat
- Fixed bug causing shield to stop blocking damage if sirens were toggled during Protect and Serve
- Fixed the annoying (but harmless) warning messages on startup
- Renamed 'Blinded' debuff to 'Impaired'
- Added the host only warning to the Rules of Nature achievement since that one seems to be bugged too
- Some minor texture tweaks
- Fixed a rare bug involving a pink cube and Enforcer flying into space? Never actually found the cause but that cube is deleted so it should be gone

- Added keybinds to config
- Added a custom Crowdfunder Drone display, to try and fix the Crowdfunder bug(it didn't)
- Reworked Super Shotgun
- Added config for base stats and Riot Shotgun, more might come eventually but this is really tedious to code
- Enforcing Perfection achievement now scales better with the amount of Bustling Fungus you have

- Added dependencies oops

- Initial release

if you read all this you're cool

This mod requires the following mods to function

tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.5.14 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.5.14
bbepis-BepInExPack-5.3.1 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1