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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 3.0.0


Thank you for subscribing to Cat Facts!

Are you like me and feel like RoR2 is a great game but is confused where are the cat facts? Not anymore. Cat Facts are here.

This is obviously inspired by an old internet prank named Cat Facts which would send people messages about cats and wouldn't recognise any command to stop the facts appearing.

Just a bit of fun.


Chat Command

If you just can't wait for that next Cat Fact, type "cat" into chat and you will get your next fact immediately.

New commands: type "unsubscribe" to stop receiving facts. You can also type "dog" into chat to change CatFacts to DogFacts


Requires intallation of Bepinex and R2API.

Place RiskOfCatFacts.dll inside of "/Risk of Rain 2/Bepinex/Plugins/"


If you have any issues you can usually find me on the ROR2 modding discord (@Fluffatron). Please bear in mind that as with all mods here this is something I do in my spare time so may not always be able to immediately fix any issues that you come up with.


- Official Bepinex5 release
- Rework of logic. CatFacts should be much smoother now.

- Updated for bepinex5
- Added configuration to enable/disable receiving CatFacts
- Fixed some sloppy disposing of timer
- Early release awaiting BepInPack

- Added unsubscribe feature
- Added chat commands to switch between DogFacts and CatFacts
- Added chat command to actually stop the facts (until next stage at least)

- Released

Available versions

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