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Adds Bandit as a playable survivor with 4 alt skills! Now featuring the Dynamite Bundle! V3 update will reset your config.

Date uploaded 4 months ago
Version 3.0.7
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Dependency string Moffein-BanditReloaded-3.0.7

This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.9 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9
tristanmcpherson-R2API-3.0.13 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 3.0.13


BanditReloaded v3

  • The most comprehensive Bandit mod yet!
  • You can toss dynamite then shoot it midair to make a big explosion!
  • 4 alt skills!
  • Highly configurable!
  • Supports the Ancient Scepter from ClassicItems!


  • Updating from v2 to v3 will automatically reset your config due to heavy internal changes to the mod.
  • All players need the mod.
  • Config options marked with * are server-side. In general, all players should have the same config options if possible.
  • The config doesn't auto-update when installing new versions of the mod, so delete your config or manually change the values if you want to receive the newest balance changes.

Vanilla Compatibility

  • Removed Vanilla Compatibilty due to it complicating things internally, as well as there being a general misconception where users assumed they could use it to play the mod with hosts who do not have the mod installed. I recommend using an older version of the mod if you want to keep this functionality.

For Skinmakers

  • If you plan to make skins with SkinAPI, the bodyname is BanditReloadedBody.


Drop BanditReloaded.dll into \BepInEx\plugins\
Settings can be changed in BepInEx\config\com.Moffein.BanditReloaded_v2.cfg


mistername - Ice explosion fix
Kooby521 - Skill icons
Tera - Skill icon concepts
N0TORIOUS_BLT - Bandit figurine used in the mod icon
Rob - Skin support, Dynamite model

Sounds taken from Dirty Bomb, Blood, Quake (the buggy one by the Russians), Nuclear Throne, Team Fortress 2

Current Todo

  • Tweak Blast sound.


I originally wanted to include a Mastery skin with this update, but the plan fell through and I ended up becoming really busy. Unfortunately it probably won't be happening for the forseeable future.


  • Refactored lots of code internally.
  • Shortened and clarified ability descriptions.
  • Removed Vanilla Compatibilty due to it complicating things internally, as well as there being a general misconception where users assumed they could use it to play the mod with hosts who do not have the mod installed.
  • Removed some config options that were poorly coded and causing issues under the hood.
  • Removed Bandit's fake stun (the white arrow speed debuff he'd apply when attempting to stun unstunnable enemies with Smokebomb) due to unintended interactions with Stun Grenades.
  • Fixed Thermite not counting towards Death Mark.
  • Fixed Bandit's anims bugging out when using Shadowfade while using his Specials.
  • Tweaked Vengeance AI so that it always stays on the move even when it has no target.


  • Changed the firing sound for Blast and Scatter.
  • Grenade explosion sounds are now synced online.
  • Added a sound for getting cooldown resets.
  • Bandit now always faces the direction he's aiming while holding down the button for his Special skills.
  • Special skills now have VFX when dealing heavy damage.

Config Changes:
Let me know if any config options are nonfunctional.

  • Primaries

    • Added Classic Blast sound config option.
    • Removed dry firing from both primaries due to generally feeling jank to use.
    • Removed Vanilla brainstalks config option.
  • Secondaries

    • Removed velocity and gravity config options due to extensive grenade changes.
    • Proc coefficient options now only affect the secondary effects of grenades (Acid Bomb's acid pool, Thermite's burn, Dynamite's bomblets). The main blast always has a proc coefficient of 1.0 to be consistent with vanilla explosions.
  • Specials

    • Execute config options are now shared.
    • Debuff bonus damage config option is now a multiplier that is shared.


  • Blast

    • Damage reduced 250% -> 230%.
    • Mag size increased 8 -> 10.
    • Range increased 250 -> 300.
  • Scatter

    • Damage reduced 80% -> 65%.
    • Pellet count increased 6 -> 8.
    • Pellet radius reduced 0.4 -> 0.3.
    • Proc coefficient increased 0.7 -> 0.75.
    • Range increased 120 -> 200.
    • Reload time reduced 2.5s -> 2.0s.

Blast's mag size increase should make it play better with Bandit's skill cycling, since it takes longer to empty his mag now. Scatter changes boost its raw damage but makes it less reliable at range due to the smaller pellet size. Range increase was done to make it a bit more usable against Mitch.


  • Dynamite Toss is now the default secondary.
  • Cluster Bomb replaced with Dynamite Toss

    • Ignites enemies.
    • Can be shot out of the air to deal 1.5x damage and 2x radius. Shooting it with your Special boosts the damage bonus to 2.0x.
    • Explodes on contact with enemies. Bomblets explode after a delay of 1.5s.
  • Acid Bomb

    • Weaken duration reduced from 5s to 3s.
    • Now leaves a weakening puddle of acid that deals 40% damage per second with a 0.2 proc coefficient.
  • Thermite Bomb replaced with Thermite Flare

    • Fires a flare in a straight line.
    • Flares deal 60% damage per second with a 0.2 proc coefficient.
    • Applies a stacking debuff that slows the target by 15% and reduces armor by 2.5.
    • Thermite debuff no longer boosts the damage of Lights Out multiple times.
    • Flares explode after 7s for 480% damage.
    • Adding new flares to an enemy resets the timer of all flares on the enemy.

Hoping the grenade changes makes each grenade stand out more as interesting skills with well-defined niches, instead of simply being debuff balls. Idea is that Dynamite is for AOE damage, Thermite is for single target damage that benefits from getting lots of cooldown resets, and Acid Bomb is the one designated debuff ball.


  • Smokebomb now gives a 1.3x damage boost on the next attack used when exiting cloak.
  • Smokebomb minimum duration reduced from 0.5s -> 0.3s.
  • Smokebomb proc coefficient reduced 1.0 -> 0.5.
  • Smokebomb is now nonlethal.

Smokebomb is now nonlethal so that it combos better with the Special cooldown reset. The damage boost is meant to be comboed with Bandit's Specials for huge damage, or used with one of his grenades for big AOE damage.


  • Removed Compromising (debuff damage boost) bonus against stunned/shocked/frozen enemies for consistency with the Death Mark.
  • Added Ancient Scepter icons.

  • Lights Out

    • Increased damage from 450% -> 600%.
    • Decreased debuff bonus damage from 450% -> 300%.
    • Grace Period window is now 0.5s to 3.6s (previously 1.5s to 4.5s).
  • Rack em Up

    • Increased range from 80 -> 120.
    • Increased damage from 75% -> 100%.
    • Decreased debuff bonus damage from 75% -> 50%.
    • Grace Period window is now 0.8s to 1.6s (previously 1s to 4s).
  • Fixed Bandit's cooldown reset timer varying with framerate.

Overall goal with Special changes is to make them stand on their own better without needing to always use them with a grenade for debuffs, while also reducing their debuff bonus potential since Bandit's gained a lot of boosts to the rest of his kit. Grace period reduction is intended to make cooldown resets require more thought, instead of being able to sloppily Lights Out something from near full health while still having enough time to spam a full mag into it.

3.0.1 - 3.0.6

  • Fixed Bandit running in place when standing still while using Smokebomb.

  • Fixed Assassinate hiding the crosshair.

  • Lowered Dynamite Toss explosion volume.

  • Fixed Dynamite backspin being affected by framerate. This should fix the issue where it would not go very far on certain framerates.

  • Added fade-out to Scatter's firing sound.

  • Removed the Lights Out heavy damage VFX (pink rings) due to being misleading and looking out of place.


  • Fixed an obscure bug related to using the Photo Mode mod on non-playable maps.