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A Continuation of Rob's MonsterVariants, VarianceAPI lays down the groundwork for virtually anyone to create their own variants. Now with a proper ReadMe file.

Date uploaded 2 months ago
Version 0.8.0
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This mod requires the following mods to function

tristanmcpherson-R2API-3.0.30 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 3.0.30
bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.9 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9


Variance API

  • A Complete Re-Write, altho heavily based off Rob's original MonsterVariants code.

  • VarianceAPI aims to combine the features from MonsterVariants and MonsterVariantsPlus into a single mod.

  • The API by itself doesnt do much, it only works as a base for others to create their own Variants


Thunderkit support

  • VarianceAPI was made with Thunderkit, and it's systems are made to be used with Thunderkit. it is Extremely recommended to use Thunderkit when Developing VariantPacks

  • Despite this, Variants can still be added via code. Only examples currently lay on the Deprecated ExampleVariantPack. The mod comes with a Helpers.cs class that has methods on creating the ScriptableObjects that VarianceAPI requires

  • Easily create Variants using the plethora of ScriptableObjects VarianceAPI has!

  • Plus, VarianceAPI contains base classes for easing the creation of variants.

    • Automatic ConfigCreation using the VariantConfig scriptable object.

    • Semi-Automatic fetching for Ingame materials, no more AssetBundle bloating!

Better VariantOverlapping methods

  • The confusing and sometimes obscure VariantOverlap system has been expanded and now can be either Avoided, or encouraged.

    • Each Variant has a Unique boolean, Which determine wether the Variant can participate in VariantOverlapping shenanigans

    • The IsUnique boolean is part of the ConfigFile, so if you do not want a variant type to overlap with others, it's as simple as setting it to true.

    • Each Variant can either add Suffixes or Preffixes to an Enemy, this allows you to easily identify Variants on the spot with a simple ping, and getting an idea in your head on what they can do.

New Improved VariantHandler component/Variant Features

  • Variants made in VarianceAPI have:

    • All the original features of the VariantHandler component, alongside...

    • Custom name prefixes and affixes

    • Wether the variant gives rewards

    • Configurable Rewards

    • New Tiers

    • Ability to add Completely custom Components

    • DeathState replacements

    • LightRendererInfos replacements

    • The Ability to use Equipments

    • Can spawn with Buffs/Debuffs (NYI)

New VariantRewardHandler component.

  • All of MonsterVariantsPlus' Rewards systems are now handled by this nifty little component that's added to each Variant that has the "GivesReward" boolean set to true.

  • Only one VariantRewardHandler component is given to each Variant. the mod does it by checking how many VariantHandler components are active at the time.

  • Just like in MonsterVariantsPlus, Variants by default now:

    • Drop extra Gold on death

    • Drop extra XP on death

    • Have a chance to drop items, Red, Green or White respectively

  • Also just like in the original MonsterVariantsPlus, all of the rewards are calculated based off the Variant's Tier, and can be modified

  • If youre not a fan or rewards, the VariantHandlerReward system can be easily turned off with a simple boolean in VarianceAPI's config file.

Artifact of Variance

  • The Artifact of Variance, one of the Features from MonsterVariantsPlus, is now a core component of VarianeAPI.

  • The Artifact of Variance, when enabled, multiplies all Variant's spawn rates by the amount specified in the Config file.

  • Just like in the Original MonsterVariantsPlus, the Artifact of Variance can be enabled or disabled in the Config file.

Intrinsic Items for Variants

  • VarianceAPI comes bundled with KomradeSpectre's ItemModCreationBoilerplate.

  • Due to this, VarianceAPI comes bundled with Intrinsic items that've been created for exclusive use for Variants.

  • These items are AI Blacklisted, meaning that Enemies in the void fields will never get this item, and they should never appear in a normal run (if otherwise please contact me!)

  • These items are...

    VAPI_GlobalCDR: Reduces all cooldowns by 1% linearly per stack
    VAPI_PrimaryCDR: Reduces the Primary's cooldown by 1% linearly per stack
    VAPI_SecondaryCDR: Reduces the Secondary's cooldown by 1% linearly per stack
    VAPI_UtilityCDR: Reduces the Utility's cooldown by 1% linearly per stack
    VAPI_SpecialCDR: Reduces the Special's cooldown by 1% linearly per stack
    VAPI_ExtraPrimary: Adds an extra primary use per stack
    VAPI_ExtraSecondary: Adds an extra secondary use per stack
    VAPI_ExtraUtility: Adds an extra utility use per stack
    VAPI_ExtraSpecial: Adds an extra utility use per stack
    VAPI_PurpleHealthbar: Makes the healthbar purple, automatically given to any variant who's tier is Uncommon or higher.
    VAPI_Plus1Crit: Increases critical strike chance by 1% per stack linearly.

Official Variant Packs (Variant Packs made by Nebby)

The Original 30

  • The original 30 is a complete port of Rob's 30 original MonsterVariants.

  • The original 30 includes QoL changes to variants, such as using VarianceAPI's intrinsic items, and having new features such as slight rebalancing and better override names.

  • Get it here! (just click the icon!)

TO30 Icon

Nebby's Wrath

  • Nebby's Wrath is a complete port of all the non-"OtherVariants" of MonsterVariantsPlus.

  • All the non "OtherVariants" encompass all variants except the ones for Squid Turrets, Empathy Cores & the Beetle Guards froms the Queen's Gland.

  • Get it here! (just click the icon!)

NW Icon

Nebby's New Friends

  • Nebby's New Friends is a complete port of all the "OtherVariants" of MonsterVariantsPlus

  • Currently the pack is nonexistent, but it will eventually come out.

  • Get it here! (just click the icon!)


  • Nebby still suggests checking out other VariantPacks made by the community! (Currently none :c)

Official VarianceAPI discord server.

  • VarianceAPI related discord server, you can join in here to meet other variant pack creators or learn how to create your own.

  • Currently barebones, will start getting some love soon


- Continue development of the API



  • Added Functionality to Legendary Variants (They'll announce their arrival in Chat.)

  • Fixed bug that caused Variants with no VariantInventory to not recieve their purple healthbar if the tier was greater than common.

  • Added Support for Modded Variants.

    • VariantConfig now has modGUID string.

    • This string MUST match the mod's internal GUID.

  • VariantInfoHandler now has a failsafe when you attempt to add a Variant without the mod installed.

  • Removed completely ItemInfos


  • Changed how inventories work.

    • Inventories are no longer an Array of ItemInfos, instead, inventories are stored in the VariantInventory scriptable object.

      • a VariantInventory scriptable object consists of a itemStrings array, and an itemCount array.

      • The itemString's index must match the itemCount's index.

      • The lengths of both arrays MUST be the same.

    • Removed helpers that created ItemInfo Arrays, new helpers comming soon.

    • Due to this switch, ItemInfo[] is deprecated, but it will remain in VariantInfo so that people can switch to the VariantInventory scriptable Object.

    • ItemInfo will be removed on the next major update (0.8.0)


  • Added PrefabBase, a very simple prefab creation system used for creating Projectiles based off existing ones.

  • Added missing R2API Submodule dependencies.

  • Changes to the VariantInfo scriptable Object:

    • usesEquipment no longer exists.
  • Internal changes to how VariantHandler is structured.

  • Added a new Component, VariantEquipmentHandler.

    • Component is added automatically to the Variant when it detects that EquipmentInfo has an Equipment and is not null.

    • Component is used for Variants so they can use Equipment.

    • How the variant uses the Equipment is based off an Animation Curve

    • Special Thanks to TheMysticSword, since he helped me in using the AnimationCurve and most of the code is based off his code from AspectAbilities

  • Changes to the EquipmentInfo scriptable object:

    • Now requires an AnimationCurve which tells when to use the Equipment.


  • Added missing methods for Helpers.cs

    • Added method for creating VariantOverrideNames

    • Added methods for creating CustomVariantRewards

  • Added the first iteration of the MyVariantPack boilerplate

    • Boilerplate is installed thru a unity package that you can install when youre developping in Thunderkit

    • Boilerplate code fully documented.

    • Boilerplate includes the following examples:

      • Creation of a Variant in code

      • Creating a Variant in Thunderkit

      • Communicating with VarianceAPI

      • Using the VariantInfoHandler to register variants

      • Using the VariantMaterialGrabber to grab vanilla materials.

  • All logger messages now use the Bepinex Logger instead of the Unity Logger.

  • Added KomradeSpectre's ItemModCreationBoilerplate to VarianceAPI.

    • Added a version for creating items in thunderkit, alongside the default one that uses R2API.

    • As listed above, VariantAPI comes now with Intrinsic variant items that are used in VariantCreation

  • Fixed the VariantRewardHandler not being as close as possible as the original rewards system

  • Added the Ability to replace Light colors in BaseLightRenderer infos of a CharacterModel.

  • Changed config creation process, only the section version.

    • Now each config section follows the following format:

      *variantInfo.bodyName + " variants"

  • Uncommon Variants now use a Purple healthbar instead of a Red healthbar thanks to the new intrinsic items.


  • Added back the Artifact of Variance

  • Fixed issue in VariantHandler causing certain stat multipliers not applying

  • Added a PreventRecursion system. Variants may not recieve extra Dio's Best Friends when resurrecting.

  • Added Custom Death States

    • Custom Death State can be specified in the VariantInfo Scriptable Object.

    • Leave it null unless you know how to get the required string to make it work.

  • Removed no longer needed classes

  • Added an identifier to VariantMaterialReplacement scriptable object.

    • It's main goal is to help with creating VariantMaterials in Thunderkit.
  • Added the base class VariantMaterialGrabber.

    • Works by loading all the "incomplete" VariantMaterialReplacements in your AssetBundle.

      • An incomplete VariantMaterialReplacement has it's material set to null, and has it's identifier filled.
    • Proceeds to then compare the incomplete versions with complete ones made in code. if it matches one, it'll replace the material with the correct one.

    • TL;DR: This class helps reduce bloated AssetBundle sizes by allowing the player to fetch ingame materials instead of copying them and placing them in their AssetBundle.


  • Changes to the OverrideName system

    • Added a new enum which enables the OverrideName to completely override the variant's baseName.

    • System now works with a switch

    • Renamed overrideOrder to overrideType

  • Added a new Array in VariantInfo for VariantExtraComponents

  • Added a new ScriptableObject called VariantExtraComponents.

    • VariantExtraComponents can be used to add a custom component to a specific variant when it spawns

    • This component must inherit from the new VariantComponent component found in the api (VariantComponent inherits from MonoBehaviour)

    Has the following settings:

    - string componentToAdd: The component to add to the Variant. this must be the combination of the Namespace of the component, alongside the class name. For example: TheOriginal30.VariantComponents.AddMissileLauncherToLemurian
    - bool isAesthetic: Wether the component to add just adds a mesh to the original body.
    - Non aesthetic components support haven't been added yet.
    • Used in TheOriginal30's Badass lemurian to attach the Missile Launcher.
  • Added discord server to the ReadMe

  • Hopefully fixed broken icon.


  • All of VarianceAPI's ScriptableObjects have Headers and Tooltips, making it easier to create the objects in the UnityEditor

  • Complete Rewrite of the Variant Overridename feature. now supporting VariantOverlaps.

  • Did a Facelift of the Thunderstore page.


  • VariantInfo now contains VariantConfig scriptable object, VariantConfig is used to create the config entries for your Variants.

    • VariantConfig allows you to:

      • Set the spawn chance of a Variant.

      • Wether the variant is unique or not.

  • Removed VariantRegisterBase

  • Added VariantInfoHandler, use this now to register your variants, as it streamlines the process.

  • Added Helpers for creating VariantConfig Scriptable Objects in code, one for Vanilla entities and another one for Modded entities.


  • Forgot to call the method that makes the config, whoops.


  • Added the VariantRewardHandler Component, officially porting a good chunk of MonsterVariantPlus' Features.

  • Added VariantRegisterBase, a helper for easily register variants made in Thunderkit.

  • Added Config file with a lot of config entries for the VariantRewardHandler and global settings.

  • Started working on a helper for creating Variant's Spawn Chances via config

  • Determination++ After learning rob likes what i'm doing.


  • Added Github Link.

  • Made changes to the scriptable objects, now they can be made in Thunderkit instead of on RunTime.


  • Initial Release