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WIP. Reworks/Tweaks things for more interesting gameplay.

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.2103
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MMHOOK generation at runtime.

Preferred version: 1.2.3


Risk of Reworks (WIP)

Work in Progress mod that aims to rework/tweak the game where I feel it falls flat. Not tested in Multiplayer. Not considering loops.


  • Picking specific stages for more consistency/fun
  • HP isn't scarce, can heal to full easily (even Eclipse since all you really need is a slug)
  • Survivors having 1 "ideal" loadout with other abilities either being downgrades or just bad
  • Low tier enemies spawning later in the game (specifically beetles)
  • "Bosses" aren't really threatening
  • Some survivors being straight up busted
  • Stationary enemies
  • Holdout events (standing simulator)
  • Items, some are really strong while others are very underwhelming.
  • Lunars, don't have actual downsides except for maybe 2 and are easy to get
  • Newt, guaranteed cauldrons, stage choice, and lunars after every stage
  • Void Cradles, appear outside of void seeds and are basically free for a chance of a busted item
  • Most shrines aren't really used outside of early game or are a meme
  • Void enemies/stages not really used outside of loops



  • Persistent HP, whatever HP you end a stage with is what you'll start the next one with
  • Reduced healing efficiency, all healing is reduced by 25% (Except Eclipse 5, so E5 would be another 25% reduction instead of 50%)


  • No more family events
  • Boosts general spawn rate/credits for Monsoon and above
  • Initial monster/interactable credits are consistent for every stage tier (stage 1, 2, etc...)


  • Scrappers have a max spawn of 1 per stage
  • TC-280s have a max spawn of 1 per stage and halved price/credit cost
  • Printers have limited uses (White 3, Green 2, Red/Yellow 1)


  • Cautious Slug reduced regen to 1hp/s (vanilla 3)


  • Removed base/level regen
  • Increased base/level move speed 8/0.1 (vanilla 7/0)



  • README edit
  • Edits healing reduction to apply properly


  • Initial Release

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