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Now with harder eclipse modifiers and removed level cap. Addresses major balance issues, fixes bugs, and adds QoL.

Date uploaded 3 months ago
Version 2.5.0
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1


´╗┐This mod contains a few (more to come) balance changes, QOL, and bugfixes for the base game, aimed at removing exploits and normalizing item strength while also smoothing out some of the rougher edges in gameplay.

Feedback (Please? I'll beg if needed)

  • I am extremely open to any kind of feedback, question, suggestion, bug report, or really anything.
  • I have a simple discord set up to help keep bug reports and feedback organized for all my mods, feel free to join and all that.
  • You can also DM me on discord if that is easier. (@Rein#7551)


  • Delete old versions. (You never know)
  • Unzip the plugin zip.
  • Copy all files to the plugins folder in Bepinex(in your game install directory)
  • Bonus points if you create a separate folder inside the plugins folder for every mod


  • Delete the files that come with the mod from the plugins folder

New this update (2.5.0)

- Added everything to readme
- Removed level cap for both players and monsters
- Added shatterspleen balance changes
- Various other tweaks, check the Whats Inside section for the up to date numbers


First and foremost, this mod is aimed at me. Meaning that the changes here are the things that I strongly dislike about the base game. You may have different opinions and that is fine, there are numerous other rebalance mods that you can install.

My general process for adding things to this mod is as follows:
- Find a problem that I think needs solving
- Attempt to resolve that problem through simple numbers adjustments
- If that fails, start modifying mechanics in subtle ways
- If that also fails, delete and replace with something conceptually similar.

List of things I want to change but have not had a chance to yet

  • Bands
  • Tesla coil
  • Ceremonial Dagger
  • Bands
  • Tesla coil
  • Tesla coil
  • Resonance Disk
  • Tougher Times
  • 70% of all items basically...
  • Enemy spawning distance mechanics

What's Inside


Level cap

  • Removed
    Not technically removed, but increased to 7232
    This had to be done in a rather odd way, which is why the number is so random
    This is as high as I could go without introducing rounding errors
    This is also a massive increase for late game difficulty, as currently monsters totally stop scaling at around stage 12, this change should allow them to keep scaling for at least twice as long, and should make it entirely impossible to outscale the game without stacking absurd amounts of glass.

Oneshot Protection

  • Now treats shield the same way as barrier
  • Now has a maximum threshold (3 times the protection fraction, so 90% protection = 270% max health max threshold)
  • Triggers off of the total damage recieved in the current frame, not single hits
  • When it triggeres, any remaining threshold persists for 0.1 seconds and works against all incoming damage that would hit your health.


  • Cost multipliers reduced by 4%


  • Phase round CD: 3.0s -> 2.0s


  • Primary rate of fire reduced
  • Primary charge speed increased
  • Primary damage per pellet: 140% -> 100%
  • Shock reworked
    Now deals damage to nearby enemies when the shock effect breaks
    Damage portion of shock now works against bosses
  • Utility damage: all hits 750%
  • Utility cooldown: 18s
  • Shock beacon damage coef: 0% -> 100%
  • Shock beacon proc coef: 0.0 -> 1.0


  • Blight now stacks up like bleed
  • Blight is now applied by all attacks as long as it is the selected passive
  • Attacks that normally apply blight will apply a second stack
  • Blight damage per second: 60% -> 20%
  • Blight duration: 5s -> 2s
    This rewards acrid for going melee range and staying there
  • Jump height increased by 33%
    Now you can nibble on those wisps!


  • Max HP damage removed
  • Base damage: 400% -> 200%
  • Damage per item stack: 400% -> 200%
  • Damage per bleed stack: 0% -> 4%
  • Damage per bleed stack per item stack: 0% -> 4%

Tri-Tip Dagger

  • Base chance per stack: 15% -> 7%
  • Both duration and chance now scale from the square root of your proc coef, rather than linear.
    This makes the item itself linear with proc coef rather than polynomial
    In particular, this makes the item worth using even with lower proc coef attacks


  • Max hp gain per second: 10% -> 15%
  • Max hp now includes shield
  • Max reserve healing is now linear with stacks
  • Max reserve healing also accounts for shield at a 25% rate.

Gesture of the Drowned

(This change is disabled if you have equipment durability by jarlyk installed)
- Cooldown reduction for first stack: 50% -> 5%
- Cooldown reduction for extra stacks: 15% -> 5%
- Now does not attempt to autoactivate equipment that do not operate properly with it
- Crowdfunder
- Fuel cell
- Elite affixes

Focused Convergence

  • Charge speed now: 1.0 / (0.8 ^ stacks)
  • Radius now: 0.75 ^ stacks

Will O Wisp

  • Max radius locked to 15m
  • Damage: 300% per stack

Razor Wire

  • No longer deals damage
  • Instead applies bleed for 2 seconds
  • The damage of the bleed is reduced by up to 50% based on range.



  • Now restores the recharge stock of the skill, rather than 1 stock
    This solves some issues that occur with certain skills like visions.

Self damage

  • Prevented numerous items from impacting self damage.
    Focus crystal
    AP Rounds (But how lol)
  • Note that rex was never impacted by these in the first place, this mainly keeps tincture from oneshotting you on activation if you have lots of crowbars and focus crystals.


  • Fixed multiple sources of the same DoT effect not stacking properly
    Example: Arti with fire affix only applies one stack of burn (and its the weaker one!), this change makes it so both burn effects are applied.
  • Fixed the nightmare fuel code for sawmerang bleed, it is no longer hard coded into boomerang projectile...


  • Flurry no longer gets weaker with attack speed
    At higher attack speeds, flurry would actually start to fire less shots
    This change makes sure the correct number of shots is always fired regardless of your attack speed.



  • Eclipse 1 effect changed to monsters have 20% inceased health
  • Eclipse 3 effect changed to every 10 minutes doppelganger invades
    This change is on the table for a rework, and it has some issues. Stay tuned
  • Eclipse 8 effect changed to increased exponential scaling for monsters
    Combined with removed level cap this is massive after first loop. How many stages can you last?


  • Tracking now prioritizes things your cursor is placed directly on
  • This also allows you to target specific parts of a monster, which is entirely useless but somewhat cool. Could be good if weak points are ever added to monsters


  • Turrets now inherit affix equipment

Visions of Heresy

  • Characters with a dot crosshair, or no crosshair now get commando's crosshair when they have visions, this way they can actually aim it.


  • :)



- Added everything to readme
- Removed level cap for both players and monsters
- Added shatterspleen balance changes
- Various other tweaks, check the Whats Inside section for the up to date numbers


- :)


- Eclipse 1 health boost: 30% -> 20%
- In eclipse 3, if the survivor does not have a doppelganger set up a commando doppelganger spawns instead (temporary fix until I do a larger thing here)
- Will o wisp starting damage: 400% -> 300%
- Will o wisp damage per stack: 100% -> 300%
    This is actually from a weird typo and misunderstanding.
- Captain utility cooldown: 14s -> 18s
    The buff given to utility was massive, a 50% damage increase. In order to keep captain from falling back into utility and M1 spamming this is 100% required.

- Improved compatibility with other mods that use the eclipse modifiers
- Razor wire now properly scales bleed damage instead of duration
- Shatterspleen no longer applies two stacks of bleed on crit (still stacks properly with tri tip)

- Removed fix for captain repeat scrapping passive item as it was added to base game.


- Razor Wire:
    Now inflicts bleed for 2 seconds
    Damage multiplier on the bleed scales from 1.0 to 0.25 based on distance relative to max range of razor wire
    No longer deals damage
    No longer can crit
    No longer has a proc coef

        This should give razor wire a more clearly defined use than just "Imp overlord/void delete button"
        In particular, characters that tend to take hits at close range such as Acrid, Loader, Mercenary, and MulT (saw) will benefit greatly

- Captain:
    Utility damage reverted to vanilla values
    Utility cooldown: 12s -> 14s
    Primary base minimum charge time: 0.1s -> 0.05s
    Primary base max charge time: 1.2s -> 1s
    Primary delay: 0.9s -> 1.05s

- Updated to match the r2api standard for networkmodlist entry format
- Fixed error with shock beacons after death


- Captain:
    Shocked enemies now take 400% damage when the shock ends from damage. (1.0 proc coef, also can hit nearby enemies)
    The damage portion of shock works against bosses
    Shocked now counts as a debuff for death mark
    Shock beacon now deals 100% damage with 1.0 proc coef per tick
    Primary damage per pellet: 120% -> 100%
    Primary proc coef: 0.75 -> 0.7
    Utility cooldown: 11s -> 12s
    Utility damage: (1500% | 500% | 500%) -> (750% | 750% | 750%)
    Passive: Now only given on the first stage (Scrap it once and its gone forever, your drones still get it though)

    The goal here is to spread strength from utility and primary to M2 and beacons, without destroying his core identity of limited use zone control.
    I am looking in to changes to the other beacons, but for now know that running even double shock is totally viable with this setup.

- Gesture break chance removed
- Gesture no longer grants any equipment cooldown reduction
    Gesture currently is an extremely unhealthy item. Its upside (the extremely high cooldown reduction) and its downside (auto cast) interact with eachother far too much.
    Auto cast is only a downside on some equipment, and the cooldown reduction is so powerful that rather than auto cast being seen as the downside of gesture, it effectively becomes a downside attached to all equipment that can't make use of the auto casting.
    In fact, some equipment like tonic end up with the auto cast being an upside in its own right.
    Decoupling the auto cast from the cooldown reduction is the best way to approach this issue without massively interfering with existing builds.
- This mod now has an interaction with Equipment Durability by Jarlyk.
    If Equipment Durability is present, gesture keeps its vanilla cooldown reduction
- Blight stacks applied for poisoning skills: 2 -> 1
    Bite retains ability to apply 2 stacks
- Blight damage multiplier: 1.0 -> 0.5
- Blight duration: 3s -> 4s
    These changes are actually not a significant nerf. Enemies tended to die far too quickly before you could really stack blight up, this addresses that.
- Acrid base jump power: 15 -> 20
    So you can hit wisps just a bit more easily
- Doppelganger health bonus: 900% -> 500%   (only on eclipse)
- Doppelganger damage multiplier: 0.04 -> 0.08 (only on eclipse)

- Fixed character select errors with eclipse 3
- Fixed doppelgangers dropping 2 items
- Some general networking stuff
- Things that I likely am forgetting right now


- Bleed:
    Tri tip chance per stack 15% -> 7%
        Its not a purely early game item anymore, so it should take a bit more to get going
    Tri tip duration proc coef scaling now works off the square root of your proc coef.
        This is a substantial buff for attacks that have lower proc coefs.
    Tri tip chance proc coef multiplier now works off the square root of your proc coef.
        This is also a substantial buff
    Some odd stacking mechanics removed with sawmerang
        This should have minimal impact, it may be a very slight nerf in some cases, but once you start stacking tri tip and shatterspleen it is a buff
- Burn:
    Ignite, PercentBurn, and Fire Affix now all apply their burns independently instead of overwriting eachother.
        Arti is now able to use wake of vultures nicely, fire blazing elder lemurians are scarier.
- Blight:
    Blight now resets stack timers on application (Just like bleed)
    Blight duration 5s -> 3s
    Blight is now applied by acrids primary
    2 stacks of blight are applied by poisoning abilities

- Elite base cost multiplier: 5.5 -> 5.75
    5.5 was just a bit too extreme

- Fixed fall damage issues
- Fixed networking
- Fixed acrid blight not working


- Elite base cost multiplier: 6 -> 5.5
    Their health is just too low for their massive cost compared to normal enemies, so rather than reverting the health changes I made them a bit less expensive. This means you will see them a bit more often. (for every 12 elites you will see 1 more)
- Eclipse 1: Starting health reduction removed. Monsters now have +30% max health.
    Starting health reduction is very low impact, especially for some characters (rex) switching to boosting enemy health has meaningful impact at all times and also doesn't lead to annoying deaths when your survivor pod lands on a flock of golems.
- Eclipse 3: Instead of enabling frailty, it enables vengance.
    Unity's physics engine was not all designed for games with lethal fall damage. You can launch yourself to orbit just by looking at a wall the wrong way and pressing spacebar. Generally speaking, all frailty does is kill you when the physics decides to bug out, and this is boring. Vengance is at least interactive.
- Eclipse 8: Permanant damage removed, replaced with heavy exponential enemy scaling.
    The purpose of eclipse 8 for me is to loop as far as I possibly can, Permanant damage makes going past a few stages completely impractical, and effectivley kills the whole point of the mode in my opinion. While yes, this can be thought of as being a bit easier, that is only the case when your goal is the final boss. Generally speaking, at stage 14 the strength of all enemies is twice what it would be on monsoon with this change, and it keeps getting more insane from there. Reaching 30-40 stages should be borderline impossible, and thats what makes it fun.

- Removed commando roll changes (Now in vanilla game)
- Removed death mark changes (Now in vanilla game)
- Disabled DoT stacking until I have a chance to fully test the major code changes in the base game in this area.
- Merged Hopoo's OSP changes and my own. (so now it has a maximum protection, works vs clustered hits, and treats your shield as barrier instead of health)


  • Removed unneded R2API dependency
  • Compatible with Artifacts update
  • Added Blight balance
  • Added Focused Convergence balance
  • Added Death Mark balance
  • Added WilloWisp balance
  • Added DoT stacking fix
  • Added Engi turret QoL
  • Added Sacrifice QoL
  • Made sure Gesture changes work properly with enigma (Gesture will not break enigma, I hope)


  • Fixed bug with bandolier changes. (No longer gives credit towards next cooldown)
  • Exponentially improved the overall balance of the character selection lobby. In fact, some might say it is too balanced, so I added a config option to disable this.


  • Improved compatibility with Dilluvian Difficulty
  • OSP max damage taken threshold increased to 211% from 180% (This number scales with OSP threshold, so dilluvians 99% threshold reduces it to 201%)
  • Fixed Focus Crystal, Crowbar, and AP Rounds applying to self damage.
  • Fixed crowdfunder constantly firing with gesture. (Crowdfunder was immune to breaking, and doesn't benefit from gesture upside, so I removed all interaction)
  • Fixed effigy activating with gesture. Same reason as above.
  • Added delay to equipment break for some equipment that have cast times or durations (Wings, tonic, preon, ect.)
  • Sound will play on activation if equip will break, and sound plays a second time when it actually does break.
  • During delay before being destroyed, if you switch equipment (by picking one up, or being MulT) the equip you were holding is destroyed immediately.
  • Fixed errors with engineer turrets and visions of heresy.


  • Added Corpsebloom balance changes.
  • Added Visions of Heresy QOL.
  • Added Overgrown Printer QOL.
  • Added Bandolier bugfix.
  • Fixed gesture break chance being 0.05% instead of 5%.
  • Gesture break chance reduced to 2.5% (Mostly as a precaution. Very likely to go up to 5% in future)
  • A sound now plays when your equipment breaks.
  • Relocated the gesture break hook to improve compatibility and fix bugs.


  • Total remake
  • Expanded to cover both balance and bugfixes.


  • Removed the walker turret attack speed scaling (devs added it to vanilla)


  • First release