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MORE Artificer skills for everyone! Now includes approx 99.9% more hover!

Date uploaded 3 weeks ago
Version 2.2.2
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Thanks to Tera on Discord for helping with icons, and Ani on Discord for helping test networking!

Mod Overview

ArtificerExtended introduces a handful of new skills for Artificer with the intention of adding new, varied gameplay styles in creative ways. Currently introduces 10 new abilities: ICE SHARDS, FLAME BURST, LASER BOLTS, SNOWBALLS, CHANNEL NANO-METEOR, FOCUSED SHOCKWAVE, NAPALM CASCADE, ROLLING THUNDER, TEMPERATURE DROP, and FROSTBITE! (Additionally, all skills are arranged in a nice pattern :D!)

Additionally, this mod also gives slight changes to help keep Artificer's balance together. They are as follows:
Charged Nanobomb - Max damage coefficient reduced (2000% -> 1200%). Bands can no longer proc from Nanobomb's zaps this way.
Snapfreeze - Base cooldown duration reduced (12s -> 8).
Flamethrower - Now scales max damage coefficient and tick rate with attack speed.
Reduced the true total damage coefficient to 1700% compensate (2000% -> 1623%; its like it was meant to be)

New Primary Skills: "Ice Shards", "Flame Burst", "Laser Bolts", and "Snowballs"

Ice Shards are an ICE primary with a low range shotgun-like fire. This skill is designed for high risk, high reward play - it synergizes great with her other low range skills, like flamethrower, and the new Napalm!

Flame Burst is a second FIRE primary that offers a 2nd approach to low range "melee" combat for Artificer! On cast, it shoots 3 fireballs in a spread, which eventually turn and converge on a point roughly 25m in front of Artificer. This gives it 3 optimal ranges depending on how you want to utilize it! Additionally, it can be charged up to increase the damage of each fireball, and only has 1 base stock like a normal skill.

Laser Bolts are a second LIGHTNING primary that, unlike her other bolts, recharge all stock at once! They are also hitscan, and have a limited max range. Laser Bolts and Snowballs together both offer a more accessible Artificer playstyle for those who do not enjoy the charge system of her other bolts.

Snowballs are another ICE primary that, following the accessibility themes of Laser Bolts, are un-limited by cooldown. This means they can scale perfectly with attack speed - a great asset for lategame and incomplete skill cycles!

New Secondary Skills: "Channel Nano-Meteor" and "Focused Shockwave"

Nano-Meteor is a FIRE m2 that, unlike her other nanos, has no projectile or travel time. It casts and summons where you aim, offering a new approach to high damage combat. Charging Nano-Meteor increases it's AoE size, and increases the amount of hits it creates, applying multiple stacks of burn in an area.

Shockwave is a LIGHTNING m2 that is a completely unique option in the fact that it does not charge up like her other Secondaries. Instead, this ability provides a small amount of "offensive mobility", followed up by a powerful AoE melee skill. It is a powerful asset for closing gaps and staying in the fight for an aggressive Artificer.

New Utility Skills: "Napalm Cascade", "Rolling Thunder", and "Temperature Drop"

Napalm Cascade is a FIRE alternative to snapfreeze. It sprays a cone of napalm puddles extending outwards from the player, with the ability to CHARGE IT UP (much like the charging of Nanobombs and Nanospears) to tune the spread. Much like the new Ice Shards, Napalm is intended to reward risky play styles, as well as synergizing with the outward piercing attacks of Flamethrower and Nanospears! Like Snapfreeze, it can be used either as a tool to maximize damage output, or for area denial.

Rolling Thunder is a LIGHTNING utility, which is uniquely capable of targeting aerial enemies. It presents an alternative with snapfreeze, offering more controlled damage and stuns on demand. Thunder's charge system allows the choice to either use strikes as they come off cooldown, or save them up to stunlock a target for a longer time.

Temperature Drop is a second ICE utility, that launches you downwards, and creates a freezing blast either on impact or when you release the input key. It's designed as a counterpart to Ion Surge, allowing you to play aggressively with it, but it can also be used as a "heavy hitting" melee freeze.

New Special Skill: "Frostbite"

Frostbite is an ICE special, who offers a third polarizing option for Artificer's playstyle: Defense! On cast, you gain an armor and speed boost, accompanied by ice novas which encourage you to use the defense to play more aggressively. Because the ice novas fire passively, Frostbite synergizes particularly well with charged skills, as you can combo a full charge with a radial freeze.



- fixed hover bug, extended artificer BY A LOT!


- top secret stuff
- updated thunderstore description
- increased artificer head length

2.2.0: Polish update

    Flame Burst:
- flame burst min damage increased (100% -> 150%)
- flame burst max damage increased (200% -> 300%)
- flame burst min charge duration reduced (0.1 -> 0.05)
- flame burst now completes 2 oscillations over it's range 
- flame burst max range doubled
- flame burst velocity increased (35 -> 80)
(*flame burst is actually usable now)

- napalm burn tick proc coefficient increased (0.1 -> 0.3)

    Temperature Drop:
- temperature drop damage coefficient increased (500% -> 800%)
- temperature drop minimum range increased (5m -> 8m)
- temperature drop maximum range increased (15m -> 17.5m)

    Ion Surge:
- ion surge damage coefficient reduced (800% -> 300%)
- ion surge blast radius increased (16 -> 30)

- disabled broken SFX from frostbite
- added a config option to re-enable all broken SFX 
- hover state minimum fall speed reduced (-1 -> -1.5)
- removed A LOT of console spam particularly with temp drop
- increased artificer head lenght by a WHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0.0001%


- Removed problematic SFX from certain skills which would cause an unstoppable droning on cast
(if you want the SFX back, just download an earlier version until i can fix the SFX)
- Extended Artificer's head length by 13%

2.1.0: Primaries and stuff

- Introduced 2 new Primary skills: "FLAME BURST" and "LASER BOLTS"
- Introduced 1 new Utility skill: "TEMPERATURE DROP"
- Fixed The Sacred Pattern

- Base duration reduced (0.7 -> 0.6)

- Reduced max damage coefficient (1600% -> 1200%)

- Increased "burn" tick proc coefficient (0 -> 0.1)

- Reduced damage coefficient (3x250% -> 3x200%)

- Reduced "total" damage coefficient to 1623%. 
(*With the free 22nd tick, this should amount to 1700% total, as the description says)
- Fixed attack speed scaling compounding on itself. Whoops!

- Extended Artificers head length by 12%


- Now includes additional config options to disable parts of the rebalancing.
Mostly intended for users with multiple Artificer rebalance mods. 
If you have issues or feedback on my balance, please let me know 
using the contact info at the top of the README!


- Reduced max damage coefficient (20 -> 16)

- Now scales tick rate and maximum damage coefficient with attack speed

- Reduced max "Zap Cone" angle (45 -> 35)
- Reduced blink duration (1.2 -> 1)
- Increased "backup distance" (0 -> 2.5)
(*This moves the origin point of the Zap Cone behind Artificer,
which effectively means more leeway for hitting targets 
directly next to or behind her. 
It does not affect the max distance of the cone.)
- Changed cone direction to always face in the same direction as the blink

- Extended Artificers head length by another 11%


- Fixed "Zap Cone" not creating knockback or stunning enemies


    Ice Shards:
- Reduced spread bloom (0.4 -> 0.3)

- Fixed "burn" tick damage not properly being reassigned to intended values
- Reduced "burn" tick damage back down to 5 in return 

- Extended Artificers head length by 10%


- Fixed proc coefficient being 15x higher than it was supposed to be (15.0 -> 1.0)
- Increased max attack angle (20 -> 45)
- Increased max attack range (20 -> 25)
- Increased damage "speed" (now 10x faster)
- Increased attack force (1500 -> 4000)
- Reduced blink duration (0.2s -> 0.12s)
- Increased blink speed multiplier (7 -> 9)
- Reduced cooldown (5s -> 4s)
- Reduced damage (1200% -> 1000%)
(*I wanted this new version of Shockwave to feel more like the old version,
while also making it less cumbersome)

- Extended Artificers head length by another 9%


    Bug fixes:
- Actually fixed networking on Shockwave!


- Changed reticle spread bloom to now increase in intervals rather than smoothly

- Changed the order of Ice Shards and Snowballs in preparation for a future update
- Fixed a horrible formatting error in the changelog that broke the entire dang thing
- Extended Artificers head by 8%


- Fixed new Shockwave damage and range values to (hopefully?) match the old version

2.0.3: Polish and Stuff

    Bug fixes:
- Hopefully maybe fixed Shockwave not properly attacking in Multiplayer?
- Hopefully maybe fixed Frostbite not properly adding the Frostbite buff (and consequently not creating the 2nd nova) in Multiplaer?

    Ice Shards:
- Increased buckshot count (2 -> 3)
- Increased buckshot MINIMUM spread fraction (1/5 -> 1/3)
- Reduced max spread (0.6 -> 0.4)
- Increased total damage coefficient (500% -> 540%)

- Reduced Meteor VFX scale (3 -> 2)
- Changed falloff model (SweetSpot -> None)

- Increased Decal scale (3 -> 3.5)
- Increased "burn" tick damage (5 -> 8.5)
(*Ive noticed Napalm has been feeling a lot weaker since 1.0,
this should hopefully help.)
- Max spread increased (8.5 -> 10)
- Max yaw increased (20 -> 25)

- Reduced total attack duration (1s -> 0.75s)
- Reduced blink duration (0.25s -> 0.2s)
- Increased blink speed (6 -> 7)
(*I didnt want the mobility of Shockwave getting in the way of combat. 
This should help fix it.)
- VFX updated, processing streamlined

- Primary blast radius reduced (20m -> 15m)
(This was mainly to keep both aoes consistent in size, 
hopefully helping to make it more intuitive)

- Made minor adjustments to the mod icon 
(mostly because i didnt save the original 2.0 version and had to remake it)
- Extended Artificers head length by another 6.9%

2.0.2: Bugfixes and Stuff

    Bug fixes:
- Fixed Shockwave blink distance reducing with attack speed; 
now increases blink speed while reducing blink duration to keep distance consistent
- Fixed Frostbite primary nova not using the correct damage, range, or proc coefficient values

- Damage increased (140% -> 175%)

- Added config option to disable meteor recoloring

- Reduced blink speed (7.5 -> 6)
- Tweaked ingame description to more clearly describe the sequence of effects

- Made the Frostbite buff stackable; stacking does not increase the movespeed or armor buff
- Secondary nova now triggers after each stack expires
- Reduced armor increase from the Frostbite buff (200 -> 150)
- Reduced force on primary nova (2000 -> 1500)

- Added some missing information in the README, namely a Shockwave description, certain credits, and dependencies
- Extended Artificers head length by 6%


- Fixed meteor firing 60 explosions instead of 6

2.0.0: Mostly icons and stuff, also 2 new abilities which is a little neat but nothing to run home about i guess

- Added "FOCUSED SHOCKWAVE" lightning secondary
- Added "FROSTBITE" ice special
- Added all missing icons for ArtificerExtended skills
- Updated icons for Snowball and Ice Shards
- Added Keywords and fixed formatting in ability descriptions
- Removed AlternateArtificer dependency... for now

    Ice Shards:
- Reduced shard spread (0.7 -> 0.6)
- Increased bullet width (?? -> 0.15)
- Increased proc coefficient for all shards (0.9 for buckshot, 0.7 for everything else)
- Improved firing SFX

- Increased max Meteor count (4 -> 6)
- Reduced Meteor damage (400% -> 200%)
(*With the shift in balance from 1.0, Ive decided to cement Meteor as more of a multi-hit option,
as opposed to all the other Secondary skills being heavy single hits)
- Reduced delay between meteors by 20%
- "Fixed" VFX colors

- Reduced burn tick frequency (2 -> 1.5)
- Increased burn tick damage (2.5 -> 5)
(*Crits with Shatterspleen would create A LOT of bleed ticks, this should reduce it a slight amount)
- Reduced max charge duration (3s -> 2s)
- Increased AlternateArtificer passive tick frequency (1 per 0.75s -> 0.5s)
- Increased max spread (7.5 -> 8.5)
- Removed scaling damage with charge; now charging only tunes cone of fire

- Increased total damage (600% -> 750%)
- Reduced starting velocity (23 -> 17.5)
- Reduced max angle (10 -> 7.5)
- Increased projectile size (0.1 -> 0.2)
- Reduced AoE size (7 -> 6)
- Fixed sprint canceling to act more like Snapfreeze
- Fixed misinformation in the ability description

- Removed Plasma Bolt changes, as they are now redunant with their buff from 1.0
- Reduced snapfreeze cooldown back to 8 again.
- Extended Artificer head length by 5%

1.5.0: Ice Shards 2.0

    Ice Shards:
*Added more nuance to the firing system of Ice Shards
*Now has one Bullet which always fires straight forward, for slightly more consistency
*Added "buckshot" which is less accurate and has stronger falloff, but rewards close combat

- Total Bullet count increased (3 -> 5)
- Total damage increased (420% -> 500%)
- Overall proc coefficient reduced (0.6 for all -> 0.4, 0.5, and 0.6 for different Bullet types)
- Increased Bullet width (0 -> 0.15)
- Now rolls for crit on cast instead of for each bullet
- Added Icon

- Cooldown brought back down to 8s

- Renamed to Channel Nano-Meteor
- AoE radius reduced from (3 to 6 -> 2 to 5)
- Force increased (750 -> 1000)

- Changed projectile spread calculations 
(now has min and max values that change based on charge progress)
- Crosshair now starts at max size and shrinks with charge to reflect the focusing cone

- Reduced total damage back down to 600%

- Artificer head length extended by 4%


- Proc coefficient increased (0.7 -> 1.0)
- Attack duration reduced (0.8 -> 0.7)
- Damage reduced (220% -> 140%)

    Ice Shards:
- Reduced recoil amplitude (2.5 -> 1.5)

- Reduced max charges (3 -> 2)
- Increased damage back up to 750%
(*As it turns out, my issue with damage was moreso with its high burst when you save up Thunders, 
so with this change burst potential is quite greatly reduced 
and as such I brought the damage potential back up.)

- Reformatted Thunderstore patch notes
- Artificer head length increased by 0.02%

1.4.1: Plasma Bolt Buff

- Now rolls for crit on cast rather than individually for each meteor
- Removed some debug messages I left in when casting (sorry for spamming your output logs lol)

- Increased Napalm impact damage (200-400% -> 400-600%)
(*Napalm didnt feel very satisfying to use very offensively by casting ON an enemy, 
I found myself using it more proactively and defensively than I had intended when I was designing it.
This damage boost should help alleviate that.)

- Increased Plasma Bolt aoe radius (4 -> 5)
- Rearranged formatting in the Thunderstore description
- Extended Artificers head by another WHOPPING 10.2%! The biggest increase yet!

1.4.0: Nano-Meteor

- Added "FOCUS NANO-METEOR" fire utility

- Added short delays between each Napalm shot to make it feel approx 13% cooler

- Fixed a bug where Thunder was creating children projectiles when its not supposed to

- Updated mod description
- Fixed some more Thunderstore misinformation
- Further extended Artificers head length by 7.1%


- Reduced Thunder damage back down to 600%, but removed damage falloff
(* In hindsight, having 750% damage near-guaranteed on an instant-cast attack was not a great idea, and definitely not in line with Snapfreeze)
- Slightly reduced the height at which Thunder bolts spawn above their target location
(*This should make it easier to hit small targets directly.)
- Increased Rolling Thunder proc coefficient (0.5 -> 0.6)
- Expanded the Thunder bolt cone of fire
- Reduced attack duration (0.5s -> 0.3s)

- Reduced Napalm projectile count
- Reduced Napalm "burn" tick damage (3 -> 2)

- Increased Snapfreeze cooldown back up to 10
- Fixed yet another naming error on Thunderstore
- Extended Artificers head by another 5.2%


- Reduced cooldown (6 -> 5)
- Increased total damage (600% -> 750%)
(* These changes are specifically to help keep it in line with Snapfreeze, as I made these values to match Snapfreeze before I buffed it)
- Reduced Thunder bolt initial velocity (35 -> 23). 
(*This reduces air time (it makes them come back down sooner))

- Artificers head length has been increased by another 3%

1.3.0: Rolling Thunder 2.0 & Snapfreeze Buff

- Reworked Rolling thunder. It now has 3 total projectiles, and double the total damage. Approximately 312.7% cooler.

- Snapfreeze cooldown reduced (12s -> 8s). 
(*This should make it easier to create and balance new utilities without having to neuter them for the sake of "sidegrading" Snapfreeze.)
- Fixed all kinds of Thunderstore formatting and information issues.
- Artificers head is 10% longer.


- Changed Snowball velocity (40 -> 80)
(*Snowballs now match the velocity of firebolts and plasmabolts)

1.2.0: Rolling Thunder

- Added "ROLLING THUNDER" lightning utility

- Further reduced Napalm "burn" tick damage (5 -> 3)

- Fixed a few errors regarding networking
- Updated Thunderstore formatting in some spots


- Renamed to Napalm Cascade
- Reduced projectile count (15 -> 12)
- Increased AOE/decal size (2 -> 3)
- Reduced "burn" tick proc coefficient to 0
- Increased impact proc coefficient (0.5 -> 0.6)

1.1.0: Napalm Barrage and Ice Shards

- Added "NAPALM BARRAGE" fire utility
- Added "ICE SHARDS" ice primary

- Added clarification to the effects of snowballs on the AlternateArtificer passive

- Updated mod thumbnail + description
- Removed CLAPFREEZE (Rest In Peace, You Will Remain Forever In Our Hearts)

1.0.0: First release


This mod requires the following mods to function

tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.5.14 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.5.14
bbepis-BepInExPack-5.3.1 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1