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Several improvements to Pings, like multiple pings and adjustable timers or colors per type

Date uploaded 4 months ago
Version 1.7.0
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A mod that improves pings in Risk of Rain 2 in several different ways.


  • Allows multiple pings by the same player
  • Colors pings by the tier of the target
  • Configurable lifetimes for all ping types
  • Configurable colors for all ping types
  • Show labels for ping targets (instead of just chat messages)
  • Show the distance to pings
  • Show a notification on item pings containing the item description (like pickup notifications) if the item has already been discovered
  • Hide offscreen ping labels


Simply copy Pingprovements.dll to your BepInEx plugin folder.


After the game has been started with the mod installed once, you will have a config file available with following options:

  • Durations
    • DefaultPingLifetime: Lifetime of the default walk ping in seconds (Default: 6)
    • EnemyPingLifetime: Lifetime of the enemy ping in seconds (Default: 8)
    • InteractablePingLifetime: Lifetime of the interactable ping in seconds (Default: 30)
  • Colors
    • DefaultPingColor: Color of the default ping text (Default: 0.525,0.961,0.486,1.000)
    • EnemyPingColor: Color of the enemy ping text (Default: 0.820,0.122,0.122,1.000)
    • InteractablePingColor: Color of the interactable ping text (Default: 0.886,0.871,0.173,1.000)
    • TieredInteractablePingColor: Color pings in their target tier color (Default: true)
  • SpriteColors
    • DefaultPingSpriteColor: Color of the default ping sprite (Default: 0.527,0.962,0.486,1.000)
    • EnemyPingSpriteColor: Color of the enemy ping sprite (Default: 0.821,0.120,0.120,1.000)
    • InteractablePingSpriteColor: Color of the interactable ping sprite (Default: 0.887,0.870,0.172,1.000)
  • ShowPingText
    • Chests: Shows item names and cost on chest pings (Default: true)
    • ShopTerminals: Shows item names and cost on shop terminal pings (Default: true)
    • Drones: Shows drone type on broken drone pings (Default: true)
    • Shrines: Shows shrine type on shrine pings (Default: true)
    • Pickups: Shows item names on pickup pings (Default: true)
    • Enemies: Show names on enemy pings (Default: true)
    • Distance: Show the distance to made pings (Default: true)
    • HideOffscreenPingText: Hides the ping label if the ping goes offscreen (Default: true)
  • Notifications
    • ShowItemNotification: Show pickup-style notification with description on ping of an already discovered item (Default: true)

This mod overrides the internal fixedTimer for pings after it has been built, so no special conditions like teleporter or shrine pings will change the time for InteractablePingLifetime.



  • Feature: Ping Indicators on interactables are now colored in their game-defined tier color. This is enabled by default, but can be adjusted with the new TieredInteractablePingColor option in the Colors section! If the option is enabled and a tier cannot be found properly, it'll fall back to using InteractablePingColor.

Notes on Ping Colors: These ping colors are not chosen by me, these are the colors the game defines. This might be a bit jarring considering the Shrine of Combat/Shrine of the Mountain feature a very bright pink.


  • Bugfix: Add another null reference check because apparently users lose their bodies sometimes.
  • Code Quality: Major refactor splitting mod functionality in more subclasses to ease feature development for later.


  • Bugfix: Add another null reference check that caused per-frame error output with some mod combinations.


  • Task: Rebuild with the 1.0 Release assemblies.


  • Bugfix: Fixed "interactible" typo to "interactable", as it should be everywhere.
  • Bugfix: Fixed configuration parsing being broken for non-english languages that don't use "." as default float delimiter. Thanks to ric20007 for this contribution.

Upgrade: Configuration values don't migrate on change, so the "new" Interactable* values have the default configuration values. Just copy the old values to the new ones in the configuration file!


  • Bugfix: Missing null reference check caused movement pings to be persistent all time (since they flatout broke).


  • Task: Update to latest BepInExPack version and convert to new configuration format to mitigate several issues.

Upgrade: Download and install the latest BepInExPack from Thunderstore.
If there are any issues with configuration loading, which there shouldn't be, delete your configuration and run Risk of Rain 2 once.


  • Feature: Support pinging known artifacts for an item notification.
  • Task: Rebuild with newest Content Update assemblies.


  • Bugfix: Fixed pings on barrels persisting even after a barrel has been opened.


  • Task: Rebuild with newest Content Update assemblies.


  • Feature: Ping Indicators on items now can show a pickup-like notification that shows the item name and description, if the item is already present in your logbook. This new option is enabled by default, and a new Notifications section with a ShowItemNotification option has been added to the configuration.


  • Bugfix: Fixed override for fixedTimer on anything that wasn't a PurchaseInteraction.


  • Feature: Enemies also have been enabled for ShowPingText, with a new option Enemies having been added for them.
  • Feature: Ping labels also have the ability to show the distance from the player to a ping now. It can be enabled or disabled with the configuration option Distance in ShowPingText. Thanks to underscorea for their PingDistance mod that this feature is inspired from.
  • Feature: To declutter the screen from the many labels that are now possible to be shown, a new option HideOffscreenPingText has been added to ShowPingText. If enabled, it will hide the text for any ping outside of the player viewport, the icons are still shown!
  • Code Quality: Major refactor splitting code in multiple classes.


  • Feature: Ping Indicators now can be enabled to show a label of what has been pinged, akin the chat messages, a new ShowPingText configuration category has been added for this. Thanks to mltnhm for this addition! Following configuration values are available:
    • Chests
    • ShopTerminals
    • Drones
    • Shrines
    • Pickups
  • Code Quality: Instead of using several private Color instances, we now utilize a Dictionary for these.
  • Bugfix: We now prevent pings being created at 0,0,0 because in most cases, this is not possible to happen. This was happening when a previously unpinged area was pinged.


  • Feature: Ping Indicator colors are now customizable! The following new configuration variables are available:
    • DefaultPingColor
    • DefaultPingSpriteColor
    • EnemyPingColor
    • EnemyPingSpriteColor
    • InteractiblePingColor
    • InteractiblePingSpriteColor
  • Improvement: Configuration is now split into three different sections Colors, SpriteColors and Durations.
  • Code Quality: Removed superfluous cast to int for PingIndicator.PingType checks and directly cast to that enum type now.

Upgrade: (applies to any version before 1.1.0)
The config section for lifetimes has changed, rename it from Main to Durations for your old settings to carry over!


  • Bugfix: Fix issue where creating a ping on an object that already has been pinged, but the ping has been destroyed since, didn't work.


  • Initial Release

This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.0