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Adds the Miner from Risk of Rain 1

Date uploaded 4 months ago
Version 1.4.4
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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.3.1 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1
tristanmcpherson-R2API-3.0.13 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 3.0.13



  • Adds the Miner from Risk of Rain 1, a ground up rewrite of the original Miner Mod by Gnome
  • Fully multiplayer compatible and with more content planned
  • Has completed item displays, including some modded items
  • Has a bunch of unlockable skins and skills, as well as a challenge to unlock him
  • Now includes Direseeker, a custom boss based on the original from RoR1

join the discord to share feedback/bugs-
or ping/dm me- @rob#2365


Go read the original mod's readme as the gameplay is the same for the most part


Adds a custom boss, Direseeker, along with Miner. Disables itself if the standalone Direseeker mod is installed. The one included in this mod is basically Direseeker lite.

Direseeker is a massive Elder Lemurian with currently a new extremely powerful fireball attack. It's roughly Imp Overlord tier and only spawns on Abyssal Depths.

Known Issues

  • Teleporter particles are big


Gnome - Made the original Miner mod, a fantastic base to work off of
fuu - Made the Miner model
bruh - Swag model
PapaZach - Skill icons
TheTimeSweeper - Adrenaline flame particles, icon outlines, various other help
Jot - CSS animation
Neik - Blacksmith concept
Ruxbieno - Direseeker logbook entry


- Changed the internal name to DiggerUnearthed, hopefully stops this antivirus nonsense
- Fixed clients taking fall damage when using Falling Comet
- Fixed Gouge second swing taking longer than the first swing, moderately improving dps

- Changed the dll filename to stop antivirus falseflagging (it is seriously not a bitcoin miner..)

- Added drip
- Updated character portrait
- Changed unlock condition to killing Direseeker when Direseeker standalone is installed
- Tweaked some animations and VFX
- Tweaked skill icons
- Fixed Aetherium item displays
- Fixed clients suffering from fall damage when using Falling Comet
- Fixed Gouge creating duplicate effects in multiplayer and properly networked swings

- Direseeker now exists as a separate mod, so this one will disable itself if you have both mods installed- otherwise unchanged

- Updated Direseeker visuals, added some extra flair
- Increased Direseeker's fireball damage, increased fireball count to 15 and increased spread
- No longer counted as a boss when spawned normally
- Some more Survivorseeker fixes
- Fixed Miner's model being positioned slightly above the ground
- Made Miner: Tempered achievement a little more reasonable

- Fixed Direseeker survivor for real this time
- Tweaked Direseeker textures
- Reverted Blacksmith textures

- Accidentally left Direseeker survivor enabled by default, oops
- Fixed the survivor to actually work and interact with things

- Reverted Life Savings nerf- didn't work as intended, will figure something else out
- Added a custom boss, Direseeker

- Added a new skin
- Adrenaline glow now properly smooths from white to red, now applies on Tundra and the new skin added
- Updated some skill VFX
- Fixed Falling Comet applying fall damage to clients and stopped weird physics nonsense
- Added a new emote(bound to 3 by default)
- Fixed Miner's logbook display using the wrong shader

- Fixed infinite adrenaline bug because I can't code apparently
- Pickaxe/visor glow now transitions smoothly just like the adrenaline animations
- Fixed inaccurate Drill Charge description

- Nerfed Life Savings interaction- now requires a minimum of 3 gold earned to count towards adrenaline stacks
-- Goal isn't to kill the interaction but to stop it from breaking runs so easily with just one stack
- Reverted Crack Hammer sound
- Added config for primary damage and secondary damage/cooldown
- Tweaked adrenaline animations
- Fixed adrenaline visuals no longer working for clients

- Fix an issue with Backblast

- Adrenaline visuals now transition smoothly
- Locked alt skills behind challenges
- Changed Tundra skin unlock to reaching Rallypoint Delta in under 8 minutes
- Added Puple skin back
- Fixed emotes giving adrenaline stacks

- Miner is now locked- can be force unlocked via config
- Updated portrait
- Added some more adrenaline eye candy

- More animation work
- Finished item displays and added display rules for Siv's Items and Aetherium
- Added an upgraded special for ClassicItems' Ancient Scepter- Falling Comet: Jump into the air, shooting a wide spray of explosive projectiles downwards for 30x90% damage total, then fall downwards creating a huge blast on impact that deals 1500% damage and ignites enemies hit.
- Added a new skin(must be enabled via config)
- Added a ton of visual feedback for adrenaline passive
- Gouge moved to default primary slot, added a stacking armor debuff that's soft capped by attack speed
- Updated Drill Charge and Crack Hammer VFX
- Crack Hammer cooldown lowered to 4s, damage lowered to 2x200%, hitbox size decreased to stop accidentally getting caught on enemies
- Lowered To The Stars projectile count to 30
- Buffed Backblast damage to 600%
- Improved Cave In's reliability
- Added two emotes, bound to 1 and 2 by default
- Updated character portrait

- Cleaned up animations
- Updated Molten skin
- Lowered Crush damage to 225%
- Added alternate primary, secondary and utility skills
- Added some extra skins, must be toggled on via config
- Added configuration for Gold Rush passive
- Fixed Backblast effect sometimes not appearing
- Fixed Resonance Disc's item display

- Nerfed passive attack speed
- Reduced Crush duration, buffed air stall slightly
- Increased projectile size on To The Stars to help with hitting smaller enemies
- Fixed compatibility with Aatrox
- Added agile keyword to Crush
- Added a couple more display rules and some visual tweaks
- Properly anchored picks to the hands

- Initial release

Future Plans

  • Alt special
  • Skills++ support