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High Card Mod

A Balatro mod that introduces X-Play Mechanics to the game along with 1 deck and 52+ X-Playing Cards.

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A Balatro ModLoader

Preferred version: 0.9.8


Balatro High Card Mod

A Balatro mod that introduces X-Play Mechanics to the game along with 1 deck and 52+ X-Playing Cards.

Official Website is now available!

The mod takes inspiration from the anime series "High Card", with joker art and mechanics dedicated to connecting the two popular works on poker cards.

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  1. Please install Steamodded via its instructions (Currently support 0.9.8+, 1.0 WIP). This is used by most of the Balatro mods.

Quick Install for step 2: download the zip file and unzip them in Steamodded's Mods folder (the version number indicates steamodded version). You should get a folders called HighCardMod;

  1. Install HighCardMod simply by download HighCardMod folder put them in Steamodded's Mods folder.

  2. Enjoy your journey as a PLAYER!

Note: The first full release of this mod happened on May 18, 2024. If you have played a version prior to this date, I recommend a refresh install!

X-Playing Cards and X-Playing Deck

Once you install the mod, you will see a new deck called X-Playing Deck, this deck will have 52 X-Playing Cards and a Legendary Joker at the beginning of the run:

X-Playing JokerX-Playing Deck

X-Playing Card will transform into a special joker once you play and score it as High Card as your first hand of the round.

At the end of the round, it will transform back to the X-Playing Card so you can decide to PLAY something else next round! (with a few exceptions!)

X-Playing Joker on the other hand will convert regular playing cards into X-Playing Cards when needed!

Currently Supported X-Playing Cards (52 / 52)

Neo New NambuStaff MasterClear LanceBrain BusterJuggling GunInterceptorAll KaboomBokkaHonest StraightMarine HunterTyphoid MarySan GalganoLove and PeaceJelly CrawlerRockin RocksAgent SCalories HighThe ZooChameleonMun Pheromone MunMarvelous GeniusCommon DestinySky DancerSonic MoveMasculine ParfaitFacelessLove ConnectionMarble RumbleMusical AlchemistGreatest Man13 StairsNever No DollarsRed LabyrinthNo MercyUnlucky PokyOut of FiveBalorRound & RoundDynamic KinesisMetallical ParadeGreen GreenWing WindG roundEye of the StormLethal ScovilleSinking ShadowChlorophyll OvergrownMillion VoltComing HomePunker ViperReaper's HandLife Binder

You can discover their amazing abilities in collection tab once you install the mod or on the mod website here! More X-Playing Cards and X-hands are WIP!

Feel free to reach out in the modding chat of Balatro official discord!

My IGN is Kenny Stone, any feedback is welcomed!