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Score Attack Local Training

BRC Score Attack Practice Plugin. Lets you start solo Score Attack runs from anywhere, without an opponent.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack-5.4.2100 icon

BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100
LazyDuchess-CommonAPI-1.2.3 icon

FOR PLUGIN MAKERS - General purpose library to make modding certain aspects of the game easier. Custom save data, phone apps, interactables and more!

Preferred version: 1.2.3


Score Attack Local Training (aka SALT)

This mod adds a Score Attack (Score Atk) menu to the phone that is useful for practicing Score Attack runs. You can now start a solo Score Attack Run anywhere, at any time, on any map. Additional QoL features and toggles are added, such as a stage select, boost refill, see your Personal Best, and more.


  • Practice Anywhere: Start Score Battles anywhere, at any time.
  • PB Saving: Automatically saves your personal best scores.
  • Respawns: Manually set a respawn point to start a score battle at.
  • Refill Boost: Easily refill your boost gauge on the fly, whenever you need more.
  • Reset Capsules: Reset any capsules that have been picked up from the ground. This option also restocks vending machines/dumpsters.
  • Reset Cops: Any active police disappear, along with any chains you had attached. You'll also be healed, if you took any damage.
  • Move Style Swap: Swap to Skateboard, Inline Skates, or BMX easily from your phone. No need to go back to the Hideout.
  • FPS Limit: Easily switch the game's FPS limit, to make tricks and multipliers more consistent.
  • Multiple Time Limits: Every official time category from the leaderboard (3, 5, and 10 minute timers) are supported in the app.
  • Streamlined Practice: At the start of every battle, the plugin automatically respawns you, refills your boost, clears your grind debt, resets any police, and restocks vending machines/dumpsters.

How to Use

To start a Score Attack Run, use the first option at the top of the list, then choose your time category.

When you first start using the plugin, you'll notice you need to set a respawn point to start a Score Attack Run. Don't worry, the plugin will tell you to do this in a popup if you don't have one. You can manually set your respawn with the 'Set Respawn' option near the bottom of the list. If you ever need to reset your respawn, you can just hit this button again.

During a Score Attack run, try and score as much as you can. Your total score will be saved as your personal best. When a solo Score Attack run is active, any challenges from Slop Crew will automatically be ignored. Once a battle is over, you'll hear a jingle. If you ever need to cancel or stop your Score Attack Run, you can use the 'Cancel Run' button in the app.


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Submit Your Runs!

Record your runs with OBS while using this plugin and submit them to the official leaderboard! Rules are shared on the front page, as well as how to submit runs. Please note, we only accept score attack submissions with vanilla movement. If you need a handy link to remember, you can also access the leaderboard by going to!

We also encourage you to join the rest of the score battlers in the Slop Crew Discord. We've got our own dedicated channel there!

Credits/Special Thanks

This plugin is built off CommonAPI and CommonAPI-Sample. I take absolutely no credit for this work. Special thanks to NotNite, Yuri, and SpecialFX for inspiration, programming, and testing. Extra extra special thanks to Lazy Duchess. This plugin would not exist without them. Thank you SO much for all your help with this project!!