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The cooler Hideout.

By pupsi
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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WIP Experimental Lua Scripting engine.

Preferred version: 0.3.2
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Custom maps

Preferred version: 0.14.2



a reimagining of BRC's Hideout by pupsi

Important Information:

  • This map is intended for use with a dedicated graphics card. If you are using integrated graphics then your mileage may vary. A slightly lower spec version is available here.
  • The Millenium Winterland mod needs to be disabled for baked lighting to display properly.
  • This map is using a merged mesh and in turn graffiti plants will not work as intended. Also, having a high number of plants in the config may increase lag as graffiti planting effectively duplicates the mesh it’s planted on.


0.0.1 : Freesoul Release

0.0.2 : Public Release

  • added niteout pier area (ferris wheel isn’t perfect but hopefully fun enough for now, may be reworked down the line)
  • improved vert ramp collisions

0.0.3 :

  • replaced missing rail texture

0.0.4 :

  • new lighting and rail shaders, added simple lil easter egg with reward