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BodyLog Customizer

Customize your bodylog's colors to your liking!

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A BONELAB mod for making life easier for other mod creators.

Preferred version: 2.4.0


BodyLog Customizer

Customize your BodyLog's colors to your liking!


  • Modify almost every aspect of your body log using:
    • Pre-made (amplify) shaders
    • Custom colors
  • Complete Fusion sync:
    • Your custom BodyLog settings should automatically be synced and sent over fusion as long as the host has the mod too.
    • BodyLog settings from other players will be cached - if you've been in a server with someone and their BodyLog was synced, it will be cached and applied when you're in a server where the host doesn't have the mod.

How to use:

Set a color in the color selector, then press on the BodyLog element you want to color. You can also copy a hex color value to your clipboard for pasting it into the color selector with the paste button.

The mod will also take in the following built in colors from your clipboard:

  • red, cyan, blue, darkblue, lightblue, purple, yellow, lime, fuchsia, white, silver, grey, black, orange, brown, maroon, green, olive, navy, teal, aqua, magenta.

If you want to share your settings with others or modify your settings directly outside bonelab, the save file can be found at UserData/BodyLogCustomizer/LocalBodyLogPref.json

Every time the mod is updated it will back up your old save and create a new one, that is because new parameters can be introduced and it can mess with the mod.

Advanced Preferences

The MelonPreferences file is located at UserData/BodyLogCustomizer.cfg. In that file, you can see the parameters "ReplicateOnServer" and "ReplicateOnClient"

  • ReplicateOnServer - Send your BodyLog settings over to other players.
  • ReplicateOnClient - Apply the BodyLog settings on your end. If ReplicateOnServer is True and ReplicateOnClient is False, other players will see your colored BodyLog but you won't see it on your end.



  • Changed Fusion cache system to use individual files for each player.
  • Android support added to Fusion cache system.


  • Initial Release