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A Spider-Man mod for BONELAB

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A BONELAB mod for making life easier for other mod creators.

Preferred version: 2.0.1



A Spider-Man mod for BONELAB.


  • Climb on any surface
  • Proportional Strength and Agility of a spider across all Avatars
  • Web swinging and zipping
  • Mid-air control

More features will be added as I continue to develop the mod.


SpiderLab uses a gesture control system, which is configurable (See Configuration). To use your Webshooters, make the selected hand gesture and press one of the input buttons.


  • SPIDEY - Classic Spider-Man gesture 🤟 (Only works for controllers with finger tracking!).
  • GRIP - Grip with at least two fingers.


  • Webline
    • TOUCHPAD - Tap the touchpad once (Quest 2 users, this includes the thumb-rest!).
    • DOUBLE_TOUCHPAD - Tap the touchpad twice.
    • DOUBLE_GESTURE - Gesture twice.
    • DOUBLE_TRIGGER - Pull the trigger past the 75% mark twice.
    • DOUBLE_TOUCH_BUTTONS - Rest your thumb on both face buttons (A/B/X/Y) twice (Only works for controllers with capacitive touch!).


  • Air Control
    • Push directional stick in midair.
    • Can be used while swinging to build speed.
  • Shoot Webline
    • Gesture + Webline input.
    • Hold grip to swing.
  • Web Zip
    • Pull hard on a Webline to fling yourself in the direction of the line.
    • There is a 1 second cooldown before you can zip again (per arm).
    • Can use both hands for double the speed!
  • Wall Crawling
    • Just grab any wall.

If you're having issues triggering a Web Zip, try lowering the pull speed setting in BoneMenu. Make sure you're really pulling on the line, it might take some practice!


SpiderLab is configurable through BoneMenu, which can be accessed in the pause menu.

See UserData/MelonPreferences.cfg for setting descriptions. You must run the game once with the mod installed to generate preferences.


Because I've been focusing on the 1.0 release, some features have been left in the prototype stage. I will work on these after launch and release them in subsequent patches as they're completed.

 ☐ Better control of webbed objects
 ☐ Webshots that incapacitate NPCs
 ☐ Webbing NPCs to geometry to kill them knock them out
 ☐ Web art overhaul with 3D models, animation, particle effects, and better audio
 ☐ Tethering objects with webs
 ☐ Aim Assist
 ☐ Spider-Sense mechanic
 ☐ Web gadgets (maybe)
 ☐ Physics Weblines (maybe)
 ☐ Multiplayer mod support

DISCLAIMER: I'm just one guy, I cannot guarantee all these features will be completed!

Along the way I'll be taking feedback, tweaking things, fixing bugs, and adding well documented settings.

Known Issues

  • Player jittering while Wall Crawling. (This is an issue with the base game)
  • Possible to accidentally grab a body-slot when firing or pulling on a Webline.

You can report issues by DM-ing me on Discord (Parzival#7273) or in the BONELAB server.


  • @Lakatrazz#2071 - Original BONEWORKS Spider-Man mod which I took inspiration from, and EmbeddedAssetBundle code.
  • Insomniac's Spider-Man Remastered - Web art assets




  • Updated BoneLib
  • Preferences now save properly
  • Changed Input BoneMenu subpanel to a category so it's easier to find
  • Added haptic feedback for Web Swinging
  • Marked Stat Override mods as incompatable
  • Fixed TOUCHPAD Input for Quest 2 controllers
  • Added new Webline inputs (DOUBLE_TRIGGER and DOUBLE_TOUCH_BUTTONS)
  • Fixed Webline rendering issue when the line snaps
  • Fixed Webline joint not being destroyed when the line snaps
  • Updated README


  • Added setting to toggle aiming reticle
  • Added button to update strength stats
  • Added setting to increase WebZip strength
  • Made triggering WebZips a little easier
  • Fixed Webline rendering issue
  • Removed debug menu skip
  • Increased Air Control acceleration
  • Updated README


  • Initial release