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Allows you to automatically download and install mods that came out before patch 4 did, from the menu.

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Manual installation is required, subscribing won't do anything

What does this do?

If you try to download mods that were made for patch 3 or prior, via the menu in-game, the download will fail.

This is due to changes in how pallet JSON files work, and because the game doesn't allow mods that aren't tagged with 0.6 to download.

This mod fixes that, allowing you to install the levels and avatars you had on prior versions without needing to leave the game.

The primary purpose of this is to fix avatars and levels, so, stuff like weapons, spawnables, and other thing that relies on scripts and was made for an old version probably wont work.

How to install

  1. Download the mod manually (Scroll up, right side, below "Download files manually")
  2. Extract the mod onto your game's folder (steamapps/common/BONELAB)
  3. Done

Need help? Having issues with the mod?

Feel free to ping me on BONELAB's official discord server, MelonLoader's server, or open an issue on the GitHub repo.