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Bonelab Multiplayer Mockup

Bonelab Multiplayer Mockup, not the greatest, but it works! (PCVR)

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A BONELAB mod for making life easier for other mod creators.

Preferred version: 1.2.0


Discord Server For This Mod:


Put the contents of the Mods folder into your Mods folder
Put the contents of the Plugins folder into your Plugins folder

Basically, just drag both the Mods and Plugins folder into your games directory. If you had the previous Discord Networking build, DELETE IT. As 7.0.0 has the dll named differently.


This is a Mockup to demonstrate the potential of Multiplayer in Bonelab. No it does not work for Quest. No it is not perfect. Keep in mind the performance is not great in all circumstances.

Information and Bugs!

Press S to start a server
Press M to Disconnect/Stop the server
Press O to reset Sync IDs


Using Bonemenu:
Open the "MP Mockup" tab
Open the Server Management tab
Start and stop your server via the buttons there


When using this mod, keep in mind that its just a mod made as a sort of demonstration and an experiment for myself. It certainly works for your sandbox needs, and campaign maps are theoretically possible to play. However! Performance will not always be the greatest, and there are a handful of bugs.

If you cant see somebody when you join their server, ask them to change their avatar!!!

This is usually on the first time they join, scene loads should be okay. (Modded avatars work fine)

This mod was uploaded purely to satisfy a small amount of the desire for Bonelab Multiplayer. This mod will be obselete when a better multiplayer mod comes out (AKA. Bonelab Fusion).

What Syncs?

  • Gun Firing
  • Descent level events
  • Grip Events
  • Grabbed items
  • Spawned items
  • NPCs
  • NPCs spawned via maps or game events (Occasionally doesnt work, god bless your soul if you wanna play street puncher)
  • Spawning items through the spawn gun auto syncs. (Sometimes it breaks)
  • Noodledog


7.7.0 - Launch Crash Fix

  • Made SpaceWar a permanent change.
  • Fixed launch crash bug (I apologize, didnt catch this)

7.6.5 - Performance/Crash/Misc Fixes, Oculus support.

  • Fixed incredibly low performance bug.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Fixed crashing that some clients would encounter.
  • Added config option to use Spacewar as a proxy game, allowing Oculus and Steam crossplay.

7.5.0 - Quick patch

  • Shouldve fixed some of the performance issues.
  • Shouldve fixed some of the crashes.
  • Removed Bonemenu support.

7.0.0 - Networking Change (Steam Networking)

  • Changed the networking layer to steam. Oculus players currently cannot use the mod.

6.0.0 - Ultimate Stability Update/Campaign Support Update

  • This update should increase syncing stability by about 90%.
  • Object spawns are now routed through the host. Also fixed another critical desync issue. (Should be barely any spawn gun desync)
  • Fixed 90% of NPC desync in campaign levels.
  • Fixed items desyncing after traversing through level chunk load zones.
  • Modified NPC death sync in a way which allows other players to kill NPCs they arent simulating client side. (Fighting NPCs with your friends should actually function)
  • Fixed a crash bug which would occur if you chose an avatar with 255+ bones. (They will still display as invalid to other players, but atleast you dont crash now :P)
  • Object removal should now be synced for spawn gun spawned objects. (Spawn gun deletions and other instances where an object would be deleted/removed)
  • Synced Descent level events. (IE. Only one person needs to hang themselves and itll trigger the cutscene for everybody, along with other Descent map events)

AUTHORS NOTE: I LIED! This ones probably the real last major update.

5.0.0 - INTERACTIONS UPDATE 2: The pickupenning

  • Improved sync stability by a bit.
  • Added the ability to pickup other players. (They need to be using a smaller/weaker avatar than you, otherwise you'll just grab them regularly)
  • Added ownership/simulator transfer on punch, stab, and blunt hit. (Fighting NPCs with your friends should feel alot better, no more punching brickwall NPCs)
  • Fixed a critical bug that sometimes made players not show up even after switching avatars.

AUTHORS NOTE: THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BE THE LAST MAJOR UPDATE. ALL OTHER UPDATES WILL MORE THAN LIKELY BE SMALL IMPROVEMENTS/BUGFIXES. I am satisfied with the amount of content the mod has, performance is still an issue depending on your computer specs, but content wise I think its pretty feature complete. Thank you all for following the development of the mod! It definitely has been quite the journey developing this. Good luck to Lakatrazz with Fusion! Would love to work things out.


  • Added grabbing/gripping to players (Unfortunately, multi seated vehicles are broken again with multiple people)
  • Added blunt/punching/slash damage to players. (You can stab another person or punch them. They bleed too.)
  • Added BALLOON GUN SYNC! (Yes, incredible)
  • Removed player motion smoothing because the performance hit was way too extreme. There is still object smoothing.

3.5.5 - Bit better

  • Fix slowmo motion smoothing jelly people
  • Slightly improve performance


  • Added player motion smoothing
  • Added object motion smoothing

3.0.0 - Stability and Polish

  • Improved stability on syncing by a lot (yes, again, but this time it should be pretty stable)
  • Fixed player colliders sometimes being too big (AKA. just made colliders 100% accurate)
  • Fixed guns sometimes wiggling and colliding an invisible collider
  • Added grip event sync (Stuff like lightsabers or activatable swords will sync)
  • Added NPC death sync
  • Improved how guns fire (Fixed the mag spawning bug whenever someone shot)
  • Fixed multiseat vehicles (You can drive vehicles with other players)

2.0.0 - COLLISIONS!!!!

  • Improved stability on syncing by a bit (more)
  • Added colliders to other players (NOT GRABBABLE YET!)
  • Fixed the gun floating head reload bug
  • Improved gunshot message stability


  • Improved stability on syncing by a bit
  • Added manual override to reset sync IDs (Keybind is O, only the host can press this). Press this when stuff starts to desync and you'd like to manually resync everybody.
  • Improved NPC spawning/reusing on levels by a bit
  • Fixed objects unjointing when you grab them (Thanks Lakatrazz)