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This mod adds custom translation engine into the game

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100


Bopl Translator

A new guid based translation system + custom translation support.


Place translation txts into translations folder next to dll (or make new folder if it doesn't exists). You can find some translations here (fell free to make pull request with your language)


Use fallback language to change which language to use when no translation is found for guid.

English example translation

Note: translations which start with undefined arent needed

name = EN
font = English #This can be English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese or Polish

menu_play = play
menu_online = online
menu_settings = settings
menu_exit = exit
menu_invite = invite friend
menu_credits = credits
menu_tutorial = tutorial

# \n = new line
settings_sfx_vol = sfx\nvol
settings_music_vol = music\nvol
settings_abilities = abilities
settings_screen_shake = screen shake      
settings_rumble = rumble
settings_resolution = resolution
settings_save = save
settings_screen = screen
settings_vsync = vsync
settings_hide = hide

general_on = on
general_off = off
general_high = high
screen_fullscreen = fullscreen
screen_windowed = windowed
screen_borderless = borderless

play_start = start!
play_click = click to join!
play_ready = ready!
play_color = color
play_team = team
play_local_game = local game
play_choosing = choosing...
play_empty_lobby = your lobby is empty
play_invite = invite a friend to play online
play_not_abailable_demo = not available in demo
play_find_players = find players
play_stop_player_search = stop search

rebind_keys = rebind keys
rebind_jump = click jump
rebind_ability_left = click ability_left  
rebind_ability_right = click ability_right
rebind_ability_top = click ability_top    
rebind_move_left = click move_left        
rebind_move_down = click move_down        
rebind_move_right = click move_right      
rebind_move_up = click move_up

hide_nothing = nothing
hide_names = names
hide_names_avatars = names and avatars

end_next_level = next level
end_ability_select = ability select
end_winner = winner!!
end_winners = winners!!
end_draw = draw!

pause_leave = leave game?

tutorial_hold_dow = hold down
tutorial_aim = to aim
tutorial_throw_greneade = to throw grenade
tutorial_dash = to dash
tutorial_click = click

credits_back = back

item_bow = bow
item_tesla_coil = tesla coil
item_engine = engine
item_smoke = smoke
item_invisibility = invisibility
item_platform = platform
item_meteor = meteor
item_random = random
item_missile = missile
item_black_hole = black hole
item_rock = rock
item_push = push
item_dash = dash
item_grenade = grenade
item_roll = roll
item_time_stop = time stop
item_blink_gun = blink gun
item_gust = gust
item_mine = mine
item_revival = revival
item_spike = spike
item_shrink_ray = shrink ray
item_growth_ray = growth ray
item_chain = chain
item_time_lock = time lock
item_throw = throw
item_teleport = teleport
item_grappling_hook = grappling hook
item_drill = drill
item_beam = beam

# not needed
undefined_mouse_only = mouse only
undefined_click_start = click to start!   
undefined_whishlist = wishlist bopl battle!
undefined_practice = practice


Make a new translation

CustomLanguage english = BoplTranslator.GetCustomLanguage(Language.EN);
english.EditTranslation("com.almafa64.custom_gun_ability", "balloon gun");
// or english["com.almafa64.custom_gun_ability"] = "balloon gun";

Note: BoplTranslator.GetCustomLanguage(Language language) gets the CustomLanguage associated with language. Because of how enums work in c# this parameter can be bigger than Language last element (13), when this happens it gets a user made language.

Get a translation

CustomLanguage english = BoplTranslator.GetCustomLanguage("en");
string customGunName = english.GetTranslation("com.almafa64.custom_gun_ability");
// or string customGunName = english["com.almafa64.custom_gun_ability"];

Note: You can use BoplTranslator.GetCustomLanguage(string langName) to get language by name.

Make a new language

CustomLanguage myLanguage = new CustomLanguage("HU");

Dictionary<string, string> hunTranslations = new Dictionary<string, string>()
	{ "menu_exit", "Kilépés" },
	{ "screen_fullscreen", "Teljes képernyő" }


Note: new CustomLanguage(string name, GameFont font) copies fallback language (which was set in config) into itself, so you can edit every in-game text (see above for all in-game text) by default.

Get a CustomLanguage

// by name (recommended)
CustomLanguage english = BoplTranslator.GetCustomLanguage("EN");

// by reference (making instance with an already existing language name references it)
CustomLanguage english = new CustomLanguage("EN");

// by enum (only usable with Language enum)
CustomLanguage english = BoplTranslator.GetCustomLanguage(Language.EN);

Make a TextMeshProUGUI / TextMesh translatable

GameObject gun = GameObject.Find("Balloon Gun nameplate");
BoplTranslator.AttachLocalizedText(gun, "com.almafa64.custom_gun_ability", true);

Note: Before any call to BoplTranslator.AttachLocalizedText make sure you make all translations needed with language.EditTranslation (it won't break, but EditTranslation doesn't update LocalizedTexts). Note2: GameObject should already have TextMeshProUGUI or TextMesh component.

Update LocalizedText

GameObject gun = GameObject.Find("Balloon Gun nameplate");

Update all LocalizedText