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Extended Road Upgrades

A mod that enables multiple upgrade options for your roads.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Cities: Skylines 2 - Extended Road Upgrades

We're in the early stages of C:S2 modding and the tooling is not ready yet so please take this mod as it is and accept any issue.

This mod enables both quays, retaining walls and elevated upgrade options in the Network Upgrade tool.

This mod might mess up your save game. If this happens and some of your roads are acting weird you can bulldoze and recreate them to fix any issue.



This mod enables some additional upgrade modes for your roads, giving you full control on the type of roads you can build without needing to precisely terraform beforehand.

These upgrades are available in the in-game upgrade mode for roads and can be used exactly like any other upgrade mode (e.g. Grass or Wide Sidewalk).

The mod currentyl supports the following modes:

  • Quay
  • Retaining Wall
  • Elevated
  • Tunnel

These upgrades can be applied to:

  • Roads
  • Pedestrian Paths
  • Public Transport Roads
  • Train Tracks
  • Tram Tracks
  • Subway Tracks


Each release will contain 4 different download zips:

  • ExtendedRoadUpgrades_<MOD VERSION>
  • ExtendedRoadUpgrades_<MOD VERSION>
  • ExtendedRoadUpgrades_<MOD VERSION>
  • ExtendedRoadUpgrades_<MOD VERSION>

[!TIP] Debug versions can be helpful to have extended logging in case of errors, they're not intended for daily usage

Simply download the release that matches your BepInEx version from the releases page and extract the ZIP file to your BepInEx/plugins folder.



You will find new icons in the Road Upgrade menu, just after the Grass one.

Select one of them and upgrade your roads as you would with the other available upgrades.

Known Issues

Please see the official issue tracker.


Many thanks to the people of Cities 2 Modding and Cities: Skylines Modding Discord communities for their help and pointers that helped me developing this mod.

Special thanks to Chamëleon TBN for his beautiful icons and to Captain of Coit for his mod template.