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构建真实宇宙,撰写创世之书。Construct Real Universe. Then leave a GenesisBook. An overhaul mod.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

nebula-NebulaMultiplayerModApi-2.0.0 icon

API for other mods to work with the Nebula Multiplayer Mod. (Does NOT require Nebula)

Preferred version: 2.0.0
CommonAPI-CommonAPI-1.6.5 icon

A modding library for Dyson Sphere Program. Currently is under development.

Preferred version: 1.6.5




Construct Real Universe. Then leave a GenesisBook.

MOD内容速览 | A glimpse

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意见和反馈 | Feedback and suggestions

如果您对本Mod有宝贵的意见或建议, 请加QQ群(如下)向管理员反馈,欢迎加群交流。

  • 创世之书MOD一号节点 991895539
  • 群问题答案:戴森球计划

If you have any problems, please contact us in our Discord server, or open a issue via github.

已知不兼容的MOD | Incompatible mods (Known)



打开mod管理器(如果你还没安装可以点此安装), 选择GenesisBook,下载即可。




patchers 文件夹中的所有文件移动到 Dyson Sphere Program/BepInEx/patchers/GenesisBook/ ( 可能需要手动创建GenesisBook文件夹)
plugins 文件夹中的所有文件移动到 Dyson Sphere Program/BepInEx/plugins/GenesisBook/ (可能需要手动创建GenesisBook 文件夹)



  • 真正的科技“树”:完全重做的、更加条理分明的科技树,现在它的结构更加合理了。
  • 新的化工配方:从原油中提取焦油或者苯等有机物,另外你现在可以合成盐酸和硝酸了。
  • 新的配方类型:使用高分子化工制造复杂有机物,制作高精度装配线生产高科技设备。
  • 额外的大气层:现在你可以在大部分星球表面建设“大气采集站”并抽取氮氧等大气成分。
  • 注意:火力发电厂现在只能在具有含氧大气层的星球上使用。
  • 新的矿物分布:调整了矿物在不同星球的生成量,注意:这会使Mod与原版存档互不兼容!
  • 全新的矿物类型:挖掘钨矿冶炼超级合金,或者采集放射性矿物制造核燃料棒,以及晶体硫。
  • 接近90%的配方重做:与原版完全不同的流程体验,放心,这会让你感觉很新颖的。
  • 行星协调中心:十数种不同的额外增益效果,可以在全球范围内提供增益。
  • 巨型建筑:使用传送带输入输出物料的超级生产设备,30倍速度。
  • 新的失落科技:使用量子存储技术在异星快速部署,或者进行虫洞航行瞬间抵达银河彼端。
  • 内置量化工具:默认快捷键为~键,可进行简单的产线量化计算。


  • 特别感谢ckcz对本项目做出的贡献以及1.0版本的开发支持.
  • 特别感谢kremnev8在开发过程中提供的帮助.
  • 特别感谢karki在开发过程中提供的帮助.
  • 特别感谢所有在开发过程中提供技术支持的MOD作者.
  • 特别感谢所有为本项目做出贡献和提出建议的玩家.


With Mod Manager

Simply open the mod manager (if you don't have it install it here) , select GenesisBook, then Download.

If prompted to download with dependencies, select Yes.

Then just click Start modded, and the game will run with the mod installed.

If you can see the new GenesisBook logo, then the mod is installed successfully.

Install manually

Install BepInEx from here
Install LDBTool from here
Install DSPModSave from here
Install CommonAPI from here
Install NebulaMultiplayerModApi from here

Then download this mod manully and:

Unzip folder patchers into Dyson Sphere Program/BepInEx/patchers/GenesisBook/ (Create folder named GenesisBook)
Unzip folder plugins into Dyson Sphere Program/BepInEx/plugins/GenesisBook/. (Create folder named GenesisBook)



  • The real tech "tree": a completely reworked and more organized tech tree, which is now much more structured.
  • New chemical formulas: extract organic substances such as tar or benzene from crude oil, plus you can now synthesize hydrochloric and nitric acid.
  • New recipe types: use polymer chemistry to create complex organics, make high precision assembly lines to produce high tech equipment.
  • Additional Atmospheres: You can now build "Atmospheric Harvesting Stations" on the surface of most planets and extract atmospheric components such as Nitrogen and Oxygen.
  • Note: Thermal power plants can now only be used on planets with oxygenated atmospheres.
  • New Mineral Distribution: Adjusted the amount of minerals produced on different planets, note: this will make the mod incompatible with the original archive!
  • New mineral types: mine tungsten ore to smelt superalloys, or harvest radioactive minerals to make nuclear fuel rods, and crystalline sulfur.
  • Nearly 90% of the recipes reworked: a completely different process experience from the original, don't worry, it'll feel new to you.
  • Planetary Coordination Centers: dozens of different extra gain effects that can provide gains on a global scale.
  • Mega Buildings: super production facilities that use conveyor belts to input and output materials with 30x speed.
  • New Lost Technology: use quantum storage technology for rapid deployment on alien planets, or make wormhole voyages to reach the other side of the galaxy instantly.
  • Built-in Calculator: the default shortcut key is the ~ key for simple line requirement calculations.


  • Special thanks to ckcz for his contribution to this project and development support for version 1.0. Without him this mod will not be released.
  • Special thanks to kremnev8 for his help during the development process. He developed tools such as CommonAPI and LDBTool which are very important.
  • Special thanks to karki for his help during the development process. He help us to modify shaders and materials.
  • Special thanks to all the MOD authors who provided support during the development process.
  • Special thanks to all those who contributed to this project or made suggestions.