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Tool for creating custom room files, which can be put into the game to generate new rooms.

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Room Architect Tool

NOTE: This is NOT a MOD, if you download it like a mod it will do NOTHING.

An up-to-date version of the original with multiple new features, but exports as a unique file type which can be read by Alexandrias DungeonAPI.


  • Node Tool, for placing down node pathways for objects like saws and minecarts.
  • Custom Enemy / Object support
  • Various new objects that can be used + sorted categories
  • New enemy wave triggers for each individual enemy wave.
  • Property tool, which allows you to alter the properties of certain objects.
  • New QoL tools, such as the Rectangle Tool and Ellipse tool.
  • Canvas resizing
  • More that I likely didn't mention


Button Function
CTRL + S Save / Save As
CTRL + N New File
CTRL + O Open File
CTRL + Z Undo (Janky, don't rely on it)
CTRL + Left Shift + Z Redo (Janky, don't rely on it)

Mode Hotkeys

Button Function
G Toggle Visual Grid
N Toggle Node Mode
X (Only while in Node Mode) Toggle Node Path Visualizer

Tool Hotkeys

Button Function
E Eraser Tool
B Brush Tool
F Bucket Tool
L Line Tool
R Rectangle Tool
C Ellipse Tool


  • Fixed Rat Maze rooms being generated at the wrong size.
  • Note: Unity did a whoopsie and fucked with the project a little so if something looks wrong lemme know, i tried to fix anything i could find.


  • Fixed error that caused nodes to potentially not appear when loading a room.
  • Fixed error related to certain properties with pathing based objects.


  • Hopefully finally fixed issues relating to adding custom assets.
  • Reworded overriding custom assets panel.
  • Increased the size of the notification pop-up.
  • Fixed bug relating to ambient light values not saving properly.


  • Added "Pause movement for X seconds here" property to Nodes.
  • Added "Pause movement for X seconds after reachning Node" property to several pathing objects.


  • Hopefully fixed issue with importing custom assets repeatedly in the same session.


  • Made custom assets no longer blurry.
  • Fixed custom placeable input box not being the right shape.


  • New:
  • Added unused Grass Tile.
  • Holding Shift while hovering over a Floor Visual Image for visual layouts now creates a larger version of that image for looking at.


  • Added nullcheck for custom enemies.


  • New:

  • New Copy Tool

  • New Brush Size option

  • New Tile Descriptions option

  • New Placeable tiles

  • New Traps

  • New Pathing Traps

  • Drop Traps

  • New Decorations

  • New NPCs

  • New Special Objects

  • Custom Lighting

  • Door Entrances / Exits

  • Control Visual Subtypes

  • New Room Pools

  • New Properties

  • New QoL features

  • Fixes:

  • Many fixes in regards to Nodes.

  • Some other stamm stuff

Special Thanks to:

  • Bobot (For getting most of this working, along with DungeonAPI changes)
  • KyleTheScientist (Original Creator of RAT)
  • spcreat (Created the original systems behind categories, shape tools and a property system)
  • Nevernamed (Planning and organisation)
  • Some Bunny (General bug fixing)