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A menu API for modded Gungeon

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Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.7.0


Gunfig: A menu API for modded Gungeon

For Modders:

Downloaded the latest Gunfig API dll from GitHub, Thunderstore, or Nuget and add it as a reference in your project. See the API Documentation and Example Configuration to get started!

For Players:

If you're using a mod manager, any mod that requires Gunfig should automatically download it for you. You may also download Gunfig as a standalone mod, as it comes with options for enabling several quality-of-life changes, including:

  • auto-firing for semi-automatic weapons
  • selectable co-op characters from the Breach
  • co-op character quick select
  • improved menu / co-op quick start
  • static camera while aiming
  • show enemy health bars
  • show enemy damage numbers
  • open Ammonomicon instantly
  • better menu sounds (e.g., when toggling options or changing sliders)

The default Gunfig also includes several debug / cheat options, including:

  • spawn in items and guns from the Ammonomicon
  • unlimited active item slots
  • infinite Hegemony Credits