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Adds the Rat as a playable character in the breach.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

MtG_API-Mod_the_Gungeon_API-1.6.2 icon

Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.6.2
KyleTheScientist-Custom_Characters_Mod-2.2.2 icon

EtG mod that allows you to create and share custom characters with friends!

Preferred version: 2.2.2


The Rat

Adds the Rat as a playable character.


The Rat starts with 5 items:

  • Elimentaler - A base game gun with infinite ammo and 15 bullets in the clip. The gun shoots three types of projectiles that all have different probabilities of being fired: Cheese ball: 3/6 chance Pointy cheese: 2/6 chance Cheese wheel: 1/6 chance.
  • Rat Chamber Gun - A rocket launcher which fires cheese wheels that encheese enemies, similar to those fired by the Elimentaler.
  • Resourceful_Sack (A tier, active) - Rolling through bullets collects them in the sack. Using the sack empties the sack and fires a piece of explosive cheese for every bullet collected. The pieces of cheese encheese enemies, encasing them in cheese and freezing them. Grants 3 extra active item slots.
  • Partially-Eaten Cheese (A tier, active) - While active, the player turns into Pac-Man, becoming invincible, granting flight, and instantly killing any enemies they come in contact with. The player can still shoot in this mode.
  • Rat_Boots (C tier, passive) - Grants temporary invulnerability and flight when the wearer walks out over a pit for about 1 second. Increases movement speed by 1.5

How to install

If you haven't installed BepInEx and/or Mod the Gungeon API, follow its installation guide (linked on Mod the Gungeon API's page: https://enter-the-gungeon.thunderstore.io/package/MtG_API/Mod_the_Gungeon_API/). After you've installed BepInEx, just unzip Playable_Rat-1.0.0.zip into your BepInEx's plugins folder.


Sprites by Devolver Digital
Items by Devolver Digital