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Shows the stat of the weapons, compatible with WeaponCustomizer

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for GTFO. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

Preferred version: 3.2.0


Weapon Stat Shower

WeaponStatShower is a mod that allows player to see the stats of a selected weapon and which enemy they can kill with 1 shot and where it does kill. This mod is compatible with WeaponCustomizer and modded weapons (as far as I know).

Mod Summary

This mod generates the description of the weapons from scratch so even if you have a custom weapon it will be automatically update the UI. The mods calculate the damage of the weapon and show which Sleeper can be killed in 1 shot and from what position. You can enable which enemy to show from the configuration file located in:

  • BepInEx/config/weaponStatShower.txt

and just follow the instructions.

You don't need to reload the game to see the changes, just open/close the inventory or click on the weapon type tabs.

Current stats shown:


  • FireMode of the weapon (the #n are the number of shots in burst weapons, the Rate Of Fire is the number of bullets shot in 1 second)
  • Charge_Up (time in brakets)
  • Spread Cone for Shotguns
  • DMG: the base Damage of the weapon (xN of pellets for shotguns)
  • CLP: the magazine size
  • MAX: the max number of ammo (mag included)
  • RLD: reload time in seconds
  • PRCN: the precision multiplier (if invisible PRCN = 1)
  • DIST: the distance from which the weapon starts dealing less damage
  • HIP: the hip spread value (if invisible HIP = 0 OR shotgun)
  • ADS: the aim down sight spread (if invisible ADS = 0 OR shotgun)
  • STRG: stagger damage multiplier (if invisible, no stagger bonus)
  • PIERC: the number of enemies the bullet can pierce

Enemies selected

  • DEFAULT: striker, shooter, scout; see above for configuration.
    • Each enemies can have 4 values [C,B,H,O]:
      • C: chest kill
      • B: back kill
      • H: head kill (from front)
      • O: occiput kill
    • The math is done considering always the max damage possible (so no distance applied and all pellets hit) and all enemies multiplier and armor when applied.
    • Burst and Auto weapons calculate the damage for just 1 hit.


以记事本方式打开“BepInEx/config/WeaponStatShower.cfg”文件 把倒数第二段最后一行的Language = English改为Language = Chinese,即可切换为中文。 祝你游戏愉快



  1. download Thunderstore Mod Manager
  2. search for Weapon Stat Shower and install it
  3. launch modded, done!


  1. dowanload BepInExPack GTFO and extract it in the GTFO base folder
  2. copy and paste the extracted mod zip file inside {GTFO_FOLDER}/BepInEx/plugins
  3. done!


This is my first mod so huge thanks to GTFO_TheArchive which this mod is based on a specific feature that I wanted as a standalone, then modified.