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EEC_I ExtraEnemyCustomization R8 recompile, with a few fixes, tweaks, and addons

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_GTFO-3.2.1 icon

BepInEx pack for GTFO. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

Preferred version: 3.2.1
dakkhuza-MTFO-4.6.1 icon

The premier in GTFO DataBlock editing ;^)

Preferred version: 4.6.1



DISCLAIMER: This MOD is meant to be used by Rundown Developer to make their own enemy in ease. It's NOT a client-end MOD.

Use this Reference Config to learn how to use this MOD

Un-zip them to your YourRundownFolder/Custom/ExtraEnemyCustomization path

1.8.0 Patch Note

  • Implemented Hirnu's TumorShadowFix into ShadowCustom
  • Fixed DistantRoarCustom not playing sounds when OnlyForSurvivalWave is true
  • EEC Enemies can now use any vanilla survival wave roar

Add the following configs to your ShadowCustom & DistantRoarCustom to use the new features:

(Model.json -> ShadowCustom)

  • "Type": "LegacyShadows", // Accepted enums: LegacyShadows, NewShadows
  • "IncludeThermals": true, // If "NewShadows", is visible in thermal sights
  • "TumorVisibleFromBehind": true // If "NewShadows", tumors will become visible when viewed from the back

(Property.json -> DistantRoarCustom)

  • "WaveRoarOverride": "Striker" // Accepted enums: Striker, Shooter, Bullrush, Shadow, Flyer, Birther, Tank, Pouncer
Since R7, enemy IDs have been hardcoded to their wave roar sounds. 
Custom enemies would error/default to the Striker wave roar. 
As of right now, custom enemies can be changed only to vanilla wave roars.
V1.7.9 - 1.7.0

1.7.9 Patch Note

  • hirnukuono recompile from GTFOModding GitHub v1.7.7 (seems to include pouncers)
  • presents itself as v1.7.9 so u can test using this alongside EEC_I install
  • fixes explosion damage
  • fixes CustomScoutWaves
  • most other features yet untested (all models, all abilities, all texture related stuff)
  • testing feedback welcome, maybe do a pull request to EEC_I if success
  • will deprecate this if EEC_I gets updated

1.7.8 Patch Note

  • Added PouncerCustom
  • Updated to BepInEx 3.0.0

1.7.7 Patch Note

  • Resolved Various MarkerCustom Issue
  • HealthInfo now sync lot more accurately
  • Added Option to Resize MarkerCustom Elements SpriteScale, TextScale, DistanceTextScale

1.7.6 Patch Note

  • Improved Performance for LimbCustom
  • Fixed Bug where enemies can't break door when DoorBreakerCustom is set in specific condition

1.7.5 Patch Note

  • Bleeding Now can be cured by medipack from other player

1.7.3-4 Patch Note

  • LiveEdit now work as intended

1.7.2 Patch Note

  • Health Info now sync Properly

1.7.1 Patch Note

  • Added MarkerTextHealthBar~ settings to MarkerCustom
  • Fixed Issue
    • ScannerCustom Performance Improvement
    • Shadows not being shown on termal scope
    • Networking nullrefs
    • Limb Destruction not working

1.7.0 Patch Note

  • Updated to Latest BepInExPack

Supported Features

  • Model Customization

    • ShadowCustom: Shadow Varient Customization (For every enemy model)
    • MaterialCustom: Material Swapper for changing skin of emenies
    • GlowCustom: for edting color of enemy glowing in general, also provide feature to adding custom Pulse Effect
    • LimbCustom: Enemy Limb Health/Weak/ArmorSpot Customization
    • MarkerCustom: Bio-tracker Ping Icon/Behaviour Customization (with custom images / texts)
    • ModelRefCustom: ModelReference Custom for editing Bio-Tracker Ping position/Shooter Firing Position/Striker Tentacle Position
    • ScannerCustom: Bio-tracker screen customization per enemies (with real-time color changes)
    • SilhouetteCustom: Provides enemies silhouette to be able to see through the wall
    • BoneCustom: Powerful setting to change each enemy's bodypart scale/position/rotation or Add your own Prefab to it
    • AnimHandleCustom: Allows to directly edit animation timing values or punch scream sfx
  • Ability Customization

    • FogSphereCustom: Fog Sphere Ability's Fog Setting
    • BirthingCustom: Birthing Ability Customization
    • HealthRegenCustom: for Health Regen/Decay Enemy
    • InfectionAttackCustom: for Infectious Tentacle/Punch/Projectile
    • ExplosiveAttackCustom: for Explosive Tentacle/Punch/Projectile
    • KnockbackAttackCustom: for adding knockback for Tentacle/Punch/Projectile
    • BleedAttackCustom: for adding bleeding effect for Tentacle/Punch/Projectile
    • DrainStaminaAttackCustom: for draining victim's stamina
    • DoorBreakerCustom: DoorBreaker Ability Speed/Damage Customization
    • ScoutScreamingCustom: Change Scout Screaming GlowColor and FogColor along with Infectious FogSphere
  • EnemyAbility Customization

    • BehaviourAbilityCustom: Trigger Ability based on Cooldown, Distance, LOS, State
    • DeathAbilityCustom: Trigger Ability when enemies death triggered
    • Supported Abilities

      • DoAnim
      • FogSphere
      • Explosion
      • SpawnEnemy
      • SpawnWave
      • EMP
      • Cloak
      • Chain: Trigger multiple ability at once!
  • Striker Tentacle Customization

    • StrikerTentacleCustom
      • Striker Tentacle Model Type Customization
      • Striker Tentacle In/Out/Stay time Custom
    • TentacleDefinitions
      • Work in Progress
  • Shooter Firing Customization

    • ShooterFireCustom
      • Shooter Projectile Setting Custom
      • Distance based Projectile Setting Swapper
    • ProjectileDefinitions
      • Custom Shooter Projectile Editing
      • Explosive Projectile [Use ExplosiveAttackCustom if possible]
      • Knockback Projectile [Use KnockbackAttackCustom if possible]
      • Bleeding Projectile [Use BleedAttackCustom if possible]
      • Infectious Projectile [Use InfectionAttackCustom if possible]
      • StaminaDrain Projectile [Use DrainStaminaAttackCustom if possible]
  • Detection Customization

    • FeelerCustom: Scout Feeler Count/Color/Distance Customization
    • ScoutAnimCustom: Customizable Scout Feeler Animation
  • Scout Wave Customization

    • Different wave setting per Scout Variants
    • StopOnDead Setting for Scout alive orientated constant alarm
    • Random Picker for having different wave setting for single variant
  • Property Customization

    • SpawnCostCustom: You can edit Enemy's spawncost without editing population settings
    • EventsCustom: Trigger WardenObjectiveEvent!
      • OnSpawnedEvent
      • OnWakeupEvent
      • OnDeadEvent
      • Triggering OnBossDeathEvent!
    • DistantRoarCustom: Play sound you wanted when specific wave enemies has spawned
  • Miscellaneous Things

    • LiveEdit: Edit your config without reboot the game
    • Healer Enemies support: Negative Damage will now heal players
    • Global Config: Flyer Stuck Check
  • Partial Data Integration

    • You can use GUID to any enemy persistentID field if you using PartialData!


  • peelz: Setup for future MTFO update
  • mccad00: Enemy Marker icons
  • Kasuromi: Providing codes related to SpawnCost / Helping me lot with PR review / Transition to 2.0.0 Support
  • Dex: Providing codes related to SilhouetteCustom
  • dakkhuza: Helping with implementing EMP / Providing codes related to Explosion
  • Flowaria: You rock