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Customizable Guncases

Adds over 100 guncases with rail attachments to customize your safehouse!

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This mod requires the following mods to function

devyndamonster-OtherLoader-1.3.0 icon

A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.3.0
NGA-GunCaseFix-0.1.1 icon

Fixes Gun Cases not saving correctly in vaults/scenes by bursting when opened twice or switching items' places.

Preferred version: 0.1.1


Customizable Guncases

By Dr. Dog PhD

Customize the guncases in your safehouse with this mod that adds over 100 guncases, each has a long picatinny rail on its cover that you can adorn with over 400 different icon plates! Simply slap the plates on the guncase like any other attachment.

Those giant anti-material rifles and machine guns that couldn't fit in standard guncases can now fit in the extra large guncases!

Further optimize the game performance in your safehouse by loading your weapons in guncases to save physics calculations!

Works great with CamoShop by NGA, so you can now easily locate your customized weapons!

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How to Apply Camo to Guncase/Icon Plate

  1. Have CamoShop by NGA installed

  2. Spawn the camo spray can

  3. Apply camo to spray can. You can use any camo as long as the customization settings are:

    • Set camo mask to metalic

    • Mask min: 0.2

    • Mask Max: 1.0

    • Inverse Mask: True

    • So basically you want it to only paint the non-metalic parts. Other customization settings to the same thing, but the ones above have been reliable for me.

  4. The spray can be used on both guncases and icon plates to apply the camo.

  5. Get weird with it.

To avoid some weird overlaps on the handle when applying camos to guncases, I recommend using black guncases.

Guncase Galore!

  • 3 Sizes of Guncase (small, large, extra large), each with two varients (standard and deep), each with 17 Possible Colors!

(Banana for siza reference)

  • 26 Icon Plates, each with 17 Possible Colors!

    • Each of 442 Icon Plates use the same material behind the scenes, which means you can have hundreds being rendered at a time without performance issues.

Known Bugs

  • When using the SafehouseProgression mod, a guncase will become inoperable if not closed and locked when exiting the safehouse or the game. I'm not sure I can fix this as it is either an issue with the Safehouse mod or the base game because it also happens with the standard guncases.

Future Plans

  • More Icon Plates, most likely the alphabet, ammo types, caliber numbers, other attachment types, various other commonly used symbols

  • Maybe more sizes of guncase if the need arises

  • Adding different types of storage other than the traditional guncase (gun locker/cabinet)

  • Glass guncases that don't deload physics objects (doesn't save performance, but still looks cool)

  • Maybeee (no promises) glass guncases that save physics calculations while still letting you see your guns

If you have a comment/suggestion/bug report then you can send it via this form: https://forms.gle/Y48qYfxrwbXeqyPn8



The attachment mount on the guncases is just your standard picatinny rail, which allows, if I may be so presumptuous...




Fixed uber fuck up


Icon plates will no longer spawn from TnH.

Added GunCaseFix to dependencies


Fixed some texture work on the guncases


Fixed readme