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This mod requires the following mods to function

devyndamonster-OtherLoader-1.3.0 icon

A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.3.0
AngryNoob-DestinyScript-0.4.1 icon

My Destiny Weapon Script

Preferred version: 0.4.1
WFIOST-H3VRUtilities-8.11.0 icon

H3VR Utilities is a dependency mod that is required for many custom items.

Preferred version: 8.11.0
VIP-H3MP-1.9.0 icon

H3MP - Multiplayer Mod

Preferred version: 1.9.0


BEAR Hand Model

The mod only contains arms and hands in your own view (still a whole PMC body with FULL BODY COLLISION in other's veiw or in camera view).

have helmet, chest rig, body armor and combat belt slot.

have correct wrist twist bones.

better arm and hand models.

Can be find in H3MP body panel.


Click the watch on left wrist to tweak body height.

Change Log

1.0.0 Added BEAR Hand in BODY panel.

1.0.1 Fixed some arm display issue.

1.1.0 Click the area near your face and a body will spawn on player death.

1.1.1 All the items on your hands/slots will drop on your death (when Death body mode activated).

1.1.2 Now death will drop your items in slots (when Death body mode activated).

1.1.3 Fixed ragdoll physics.

1.1.4 Improved hand poses, and added body size tweaker.

1.1.5 Added death view on death body mode.

1.1.6 Fixed issue that respawn player at their death position.

1.1.7 Fixed an issue that will teleport everyone back to spawnpoint.

1.1.8 Small change to fit the Extract map.

1.1.9 Cleared out some extra assets.

1.1.10 Fixed double dead body issue.

1.2.0 Slots on the playerbody now can be scanned as internal slots.

1.2.1 Added components for EFT_HideOut & EFT_Factory map function.

1.3.0 Added armor and belt slot support!

1.4.0 Totally reworked the hand poses.

1.4.1 Tweaked bullet grab pose.