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M1 Garand Modernized

Very good 16-round clip, makes Mr.Garand spin. (COD Online Weapon)

By Niko666
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R.I.P Call of Duty: Online


A modernized version of the classic semi-automatic rifle with a relatively high rate of fire and low recoil. The last round in the clip is made of an experimental polymer that makes it a one-shot killer from the waist up. (Translated using Deepl)

A cursed M1 Garand which has a whopping 16-round clip (only shows 8 visually tho)

(Should be) Compatible with M1 Garand scopes and bayonets.

I don't know how to make the "Experimental Polymer" bullet, so the last round is just a FMJ in H3VR.

Can be found in Firearms/BattleRifle.

Not-Frequently Asked Questions

It is hard to aim with iron sights.

A: This weapon is ported from CODOL, where players can even aim without rear sights. So bear with it😢.

It's really ugly and buggy.

A: Sorry, I'm not good at modding. If you have any suggestions, please tell me. (Discord: NIko666#1374, rarely online)

I want more.

A: I'll do my best.

TO-DO (S∞n™)

  • [ ] Proper model and texture
  • [ ] Accurate damage and recoil etc.
  • [ ] Experimental Polymer™ bullets
  • [ ] idk


  • Devyn for the great tutorial
  • Activision and Tencent for making CODOL
  • 闫智障没有春天 for the image
  • TengNB and Frost for being my friend though they haven't played H3VR
  • You