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Tavor 21 Tech

A bullpup with a stock, a rifle without rear sights. (COD Online Weapons)

By Niko666
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A whole new loader

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R.I.P Call of Duty: Online


A substantially modified stockless assault rifle. The compact mechanism provides reliable accuracy and stability. (Translated using Deepl)

Yes, this is a really really cursed Tar-21.

No, noboby knows what's the meaning of "Tech".

Yes, it has a stock despite the description says it's "stockless".

No, there is no rear sight. Literally.

Yes, your face will be destroyed by that picatinny rail when firing.

No, nobody knows why it's functional. Probably black magic.

Can be found in Firearms/AssaultRifle.

Not-Frequently Asked Questions

It is hard to aim with iron sights.

A: This weapon is ported from CODOL, where players can even aim without rear sights. So bear with it😢.

It's really ugly and buggy.

A: Sorry, I'm not good at modding. If you have any suggestions, please tell me. (Discord: NIko666#1374, rarely online)

I want more.

A: I'll do my best.

TO-DO (S∞n™)

  • [ ] Proper model and texture
  • [ ] Accurate damage and recoil etc.
  • [ ] idk


  • Devyn for the great tutorial
  • Activision and Tencent for making CODOL
  • 闫智障没有春天 for the image
  • TengNB and Frost for being my friend though they haven't played H3VR
  • You