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L86 Light Support Weapon for another toosday night.

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A whole new loader

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OpenScripts2: Return of the Impossible!

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It's 2009 and you just got back from school, you boot up your game and thrown into a lobby full of other raging kids shit talking about your mom but you know what? You're just there to have fun and kick butt with that L86 LSW, courtesy of Modern Warfare 2.

Longer barrel and bipod, this classic forgotten weapon will be your designated marksman weapon.

L86-1 L86-2


  • Bipod (I'll apologize in advance if it doesn't work that well, in-game Anton-ized code felt wonky)
  • Pic-Rails for top and side (Bottom too if you want to run a grip)
  • Adjustable Stock-Wire
  • More accurate firepower and 60 round drum mag, Stanag-fy

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Model from Call of Duty, reworked by Wolfosito (Thanks man)


Version 1.0.0 - Initial Release Version 1.1.0 - Fixed the Drum Magazine's physics, making it easier to load. Fixed the bolt release lever to the actual angle, thanks folks!