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Archipelago Multiworld Randomizer integration for Inscryption.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Inscryption. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1902


Archipelago Multiworld Randomizer integration for Inscryption

The ArchipelagoMod is a randomizer mod that will change how you play the story of Inscryption. With all items used to progress the game now shuffled, the order in which you complete the game won't be familiar.

Our implementation is not officially included in Archipelago for now. You need to download our apworld and our settings file template here.

This mod is meant to be used alongside Archipelago. To know more about Archipelago, you can visit their website here. To give you a quick rundown, Archipelago allows you to connect to a multiworld server which will shuffle items from different players and their respective game. This means that you can find items from other games belonging to your friends. Once found, these items will be sent to the appropriate player. Likewise, your friends can find your items in their own game and send them to you to help you progress. This essentially turns your singleplayer game into a coop experience. It can also be used with only one player if you just want to shuffle items within your own world.

Where is the settings page?

Since our implementation isn't officially included with Archipelago yet, you need to configure your settings using our template settings file. You can then edit it to your liking, find your Archipelago installation directory, create a Players folder inside, then put it in there before generating your multiworld.

Here are the different settings:

  • deathlink:
    • false: Only die when you die (vanilla).
    • true: When other players using deathlink die, you die as well.
  • act1_deathlink_behaviour:
    • 0: Send a death when sacrificed by Leshy. Receiving a death will extinguish all candles.
    • 1: Send a death when a candle is extinguished. Receiving a death will extinguish a candle.
  • goal:
    • 0: Complete each act and the epilogue in order. You can return to previously completed acts.
    • 1: Complete each act in any order, then the epilogue. All acts are available from the start.
    • 2: Complete Act 1 by finding the New Game button. Great for a smaller scale randomizer.
  • randomize_codes:
    • false: No code randomization (vanilla)
    • true: randomizes certain codes and passwords so that you can't unlock everything by memory.
  • randomize_deck:
    • 0: No deck randomization (vanilla).
    • 1: Randomize cards within their type (Common/Rare, only works on act 1 for now).
    • 2: Randomize cards completely.
  • randomize_sigils:
    • 0: No ability randomization (vanilla).
    • 1: Randomize modded abilities only (like those gained from sacrifices).
  • optional_death_card:
    • 0: Make a death card on every act 1 death (vanilla).
    • 1: Gain the option to skip death cards on every act 1 death.
    • 2: Gain the option to skip death cards only when dying from death link in act 1.
  • skip_tutorial:
    • false: Play through the tutorial (vanilla)
    • true: Skip the first few tutorial runs. Bones are available from the start.
  • skip_epilogue:
    • false: Play through the epilogue to reach the goal.
    • true: Reach the goal after completing the required acts without playing the epilogue.
  • epitaph_pieces_randomization:
    • 0: Randomizes all nine pieces as their own item.
    • 1: Randomizes pieces in groups of three.
    • 2: Group all nine pieces as a single item.
  • painting_checks_balancing:
    • 0: Adds no progression logic to the 2nd and 3rd painting checks. They will all count as sphere 1 (reachable early game checks).
    • 1: Adds rules to the 2nd and 3rd painting checks. Early game items are less likely to appear into these paintings.
    • 2: For when you dislike doing these last two paintings. Their checks will only contain filler items.

What does randomization do to this game?

Due to the nature of the randomizer, you are allowed to return to a previous act you've previously completed if there are location checks you've missed. The "New Game" option is replaced with a "Chapter Select" option and is enabled after you beat act 1. If you prefer, you can also make all acts available from the start by changing the goal option. All items that you can find lying around, in containers or from puzzles are randomized and replaced with location checks. Boss fights from all acts and battles from act 2 also count as location checks.

What is the goal of Inscryption when randomized?

By default, the goal is considered reached once you open the OLD_DATA file. This means playing through all three acts in order and the epilogue. You can change the goal option to instead complete all acts in any order or simply complete act 1.

Which items can be in another player's world?

All key items necessary for progression such as the film roll, the dagger, Grimora's epitaphs, etc. Unique cards that aren't randomly found in the base game (e.g. talking cards) are also included. For filler items, you can receive currency which will be added to every act's bank or card packs that you can open at any time when inspecting your deck.

What does another world's item look like in Inscryption?

Items from other worlds usually take the appearance of a normal card from the current act you're playing. The card's name contains the item that will be sent when picked up and its portrait is the Archipelago logo (a ring of six circles). Picking up these cards does not add them to your deck.

When the player receives an item, what happens?

A yellow message appears in the Archipelago logs at the top-right of your screen. An audio cue is also played.

Setup Guide

Required Software


Before starting the installation process, here's what you should know:

  • Only install the mods mentioned in this guide if you want a guaranteed smooth experience! Other mods were NOT tested with ArchipelagoMod and could cause unwanted issues.
  • The ArchipelagoMod uses its own save file system when playing, but for safety measures, back up your save file by going to your Inscryption installation directory and copy the SaveFile.gwsave file to another folder.
  • It is strongly recommended to use a mod manager if you want a quicker and easier installation process, but if you don't like installing extra software and are comfortable moving files around, you can refer to the manual setup guide instead.

Easy setup (mod manager)

  1. Download r2modman using the "Manual Download" button, then install it using the executable in the downloaded zip package (You can also use Thunderstore Mod Manager which works the same, but it requires Overwolf)
  2. Open the mod manager and select Inscryption in the game selection screen.
  3. Select the default profile or create a new one.
  4. Open the Online tab on the left, then search for ArchipelagoMod.
  5. Expand ArchipelagoMod and click the Download button to install the latest version and all its dependencies.
  6. Click Start Modded to open the game with the mods (a console should appear if everything was done correctly).

Manual setup

  1. Download the following mods using the Manual Download button:
  2. Open your Inscryption installation directory. On Steam, you can find it easily by right-clicking the game and clicking Manage > Browse local files.
  3. Open the BepInEx pack zip file, then open the BepInExPack_Inscryption folder.
  4. Drag all folders and files located inside the BepInExPack_Inscryption folder and drop them in your Inscryption directory.
  5. Open the BepInEx folder in your Inscryption directory.
  6. Open the ArchipelagoMod zip file.
  7. Drag and drop the plugins folder in the BepInEx folder to fuse with the existing plugins folder.
  8. Open the game normally to play with mods (if BepInEx was installed correctly, a console should appear).

Joining a new MultiWorld Game

  1. After opening the game, you should see a new menu for browsing and creating save files.
  2. Click on the New Game button, then write a unique name for your save file.
  3. On the next screen, enter the information needed to connect to the MultiWorld server, then press the Connect button.
  4. If successful, the status on the top-right will change to "Connected". If not, a red error message will appear.
  5. After connecting to the server and receiving items, the game menu will appear.

Continuing a MultiWorld Game

  1. After opening the game, you should see a list of your save files and a button to add a new one.
  2. Find the save file you want to use, then click its Play button.
  3. On the next screen, the input fields will be filled with the information you've written previously. You can adjust some fields if needed, then press the Connect button.
  4. If successful, the status on the top-right will change to "connected". If not, a red error message will appear.
  5. After connecting to the server and receiving items, the game menu will appear.


The game opens normally without the new menu.

If the new menu mentioned previously doesn't appear, it can be one of two issues:

  • If there was no console appearing when opening the game, this means the mods didn't load correctly. Here's what you can try:
    • If you are using the mod manager, make sure to open it and press Start Modded. Opening the game normally from Steam won't load any mods.
    • Check if the mod manager correctly found the game path. In the mod manager, click Settings then go to the Locations tab. Make sure the path listed under Change Inscryption directory is correct. You can verify the real path if you right-click the game on steam and click Manage > Browse local files. If the path is wrong, click that setting and change the path.
    • If you installed the mods manually, this usually means BepInEx was not correctly installed. Make sure to read the installation guide carefully.
    • If there is still no console when opening the game modded, try asking in the Archipelago Discord Server for help.
  • If there is a console, this means the mods loaded but the ArchipelagoMod wasn't found or had errors while loading.
    • Look in the console and make sure you can find a message about ArchipelagoMod being loaded.
    • If you see any red text, there was an error. Report the issue in the Archipelago Discord Server or create an issue in our GitHub.

I'm getting a different issue.

You can ask for help in the Archipelago Discord Server or, if you think you've found a bug with the mod, create an issue in our GitHub.


Developed by Ballin Inc. :

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  • Glowbuzz