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Use keybinds to access your items directly!

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100


Lethal Company ItemQuickSwitch

This is a simple Hotbar/Item quick switch mod for Lethal Company. It allows you to use your Keyboard to access item slots directly.

This mod aims for a close to vanilla experience and implements the same checks that the vanilla game does, like not being able to switch slots when carrying a two-handed item, and so on.


Thunderstore install:

Install the package using the Thunderstore App or any other mod manager that is compatible with Thunderstore. Note that this mod is dependant on BepInEx Pack.

Manual install:

If you do not already have BepInEx

  • Download this version of BepInEx 5.
  • Extract the contents of this .zip-File into your Lethal Company directory.
  • Start the game once and then quit after reaching the main screen.

Install the mod

  • Download the latest release from Thunderstore or the Github repository and put ItemQuickSwitchMod.dll into your BepInEx\plugins folder.
  • Inside the game folder, there should now be a folder called BepInEx, and inside should be a folder called plugins.

If you have troubles installing the mod please join the unofficial Lethal Company Modding Discord server and leave a comment under this thread. Or alternatively, raise an issue on my GitHub repository (GitHub account needed).


Default Keybinds

  • Press 1 to access item slot 1
  • Press 2 to access item slot 2
  • Press 3 to access item slot 3
  • Press 4 to access item slot 4
  • Press F1 to perform emote 1 (dance)
  • Press F2 to perform emote 2 (point)

Custom Configuration

Upon first startup of the game with this mod active, a config file will be generated under BepInEx/config/de.vasanex.ItemQuickSwitchMod.cfg. Close the game and edit the config file to your liking.


This mod is currently coded to support 4 inventory slots just like the vanilla game.

If you use any other mods which increases the amount of slots you have available, the quick switch will only work with slots 1 through 4 and incompatibilities may arise.


Remove the ItemQuickSwitchMod.dll file from your plugins folder.