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THIS MOD HAS SPECIAL INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS IN THE DESCRIPTION, PLEASE READ THEM. Modified Northstar.Client to load Client-Side mods on Vanilla servers

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Patch for Northstar.Client to enable client-side mods on official servers.



If you installed an older version of the mod, delete it before installing the new one! If you still have a version with Northstar.Client installed in the mods directory, delete that too!

1.) Install Northstar if you don't already have it

2.) Create a folder in your Titanfall2 Directory called R2Titanfall

3.) Inside of that folder, create a folder called packages

4.) Place the unzipped Thunderstore download of VanillaPlus in the packages folder

5.) It should look like this


Note that the folder in packages is NOT a .zip file

6.) There are multiple ways you can launch this profile. You only need to do one of these, and it's recommend you do 6a.

6a.) Add -northstar -vanilla -profile=R2Titanfall as launch options to Titanfall 2 on Steam or EA, then launch Titanfall 2 from Steam or EA (recommended, as this will count hours and achievements, where as a .bat won't)


  • Create a file called R2Titanfall.txt in your Titanfall2 folder, then put the following text in:
NorthstarLauncher.exe -northstar -vanilla -profile=R2Titanfall
  • Now save it and rename it to R2Titanfall.bat

  • Double click R2Titanfall.bat to launch the Vanilla+ profile we just made. Open the EA App first if you use this method, otherwise it most likely won't work

Installing additional mods

An easy way to install mods can be done by simply downloading a mod off of Thunderstore, unzipping the downloaded file, then placing that folder inside the R2Titanfall/packages directory. Create it if it doesn't exist.

Alternatively, you can follow the guide for installing mods in the mods directory.

For both ways, remember to also download dependencies listed in the mod page (ignore Mod Settings if it's listed)

Install (Easier Alternative Method)

1.) Download the latest GitHub Release and unzip it, then put the files from that zip in your Titanfall2 folder (where the Titanfall2.exe is)

2.) Double click R2Titanfall.bat to play Vanilla+. Open the EA App first if you use this method, otherwise it most likely won't work