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API and Mod Development Toolkit for Outward.

Date uploaded 2 years ago
Version 3.8.4
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.8


Outward SideLoader

The Outward SideLoader is an API and a mod development toolkit for creating and editing custom content.

Please view the SideLoader Docs for full documentation on SideLoader.

Latest changes


  • Fixed a bug with custom Status Effect icons when applied from C#


  • [SL Menu] Added "Paste Player Position" and "Paste Player Rotation" buttons for Vector3 values


  • [SL Menu] Fixed an issue caused by closing an inspector tab in the SL Menu


  • [SL Menu] Fixed an issue with the SL Menu where some members would be cut off at the bottom of the scroll view
  • [SL Menu] Removed a leftover debug log


  • Updated the SL Menu interface
    • Got rid of the page system on the main inspector
    • Updated AutoCompletes to be more responsive and less laggy
    • enum-type editors to use the new AutoCompleter instead of a dropdown
  • Fixed some error spam that could happen with certain blasts with SplitableSoundSource components


  • Fixed an issue with multiple templates editing the same original item


  • Fix visibility mistake on SL_AttackTypeCondition


  • Fixed a bug with AffectStat effects which have no duration set


  • Added SL_AffectStat.Duration
  • Improved logging when there are errors in the XML document
  • Improved XML serialization efficiency


  • Skill Tree rows are now sorted before being applied to avoid issues with skill dependencies


  • Fixed an issue with certain blasts and projectiles having incorrect positions for some reason


  • Fixed a mistake with custom statuses and imbues where their icons were not being applied in some cases


  • Fixed cooldown reduction on equipment being flipped when generated from the template item


  • Fixed an issue with custom characters not receiving status buildup from attacks


  • Fixed a bug with custom characters not taking damage in some situations


  • Fixed an issue with item visuals


  • Fixed some exceptions with XML serialization after the DE update


  • Updated for the Definitive Edition


  • Custom Keybindings will no longer trigger when the Chat Panel is focused.
  • All keybindings will now be revealed in the in-game Keybind menu (including hidden vanilla keybinds).
  • Made some parts of the ContentTemplate class protected internal instead of public which were supposed to be for internal use only.


  • Fixed an issue with item visuals not being set correctly


  • Fixed an issue with custom keybindings


  • Fixed an issue with the ExtraQuickslots mod.


  • Fixed an issue when setting a different ResourcesPrefabPath for item visuals than what the item originally had
  • Added SL_AnimationOverride effect


  • Added SL_Quest.OnQuestLoaded helper event


  • Added CustomQuests C# helper for creating custom QuestEvents
  • Fixed a minor issue with SL_QuestProgress not creating the QuestTree graph correctly


  • Added SL_Quest and SL_QuestProgress (just small helpers, proper quest support requires manual C# code)


  • Added new Item templates: SL_SelfFilledItemContainer, SL_Gatherable and SL_TreasureChest
  • Added new ItemSpawn template: SL_ItemContainerSpawn
  • Added a method to SL_DropTable to turn it into a Dropable and apply it to a GameObject
  • It is now possible to set custom item visuals on items which didn't have any original visuals, either by setting the ResourcesPrefabPath, or SL will create a new empty visual.
  • Fixed a niche bug with TemplateDependancySolver
  • Fixed CustomKeybindings trying to set up keybindings after they've already been set up (harmless log spam)


  • Fixed a bug with custom SkillTree icons not being loaded until hovered over


  • Added C# AnimationOverride and CustomAnimations classes for custom animation override support.

Installation (manual)

For a manual installation, do the following

  1. Create the folder(s): Outward\BepInEx\plugins\SideLoader\.
  2. Extract the archive into a folder. Do not extract into the Outward game folder.
  3. Move the contents of the plugins\ folder from the archive into the BepInEx\plugins\SideLoader folder you created.
  4. It should look like Outward\BepInEx\plugins\SideLoader\SideLoader.dll, etc
  5. Launch the game, you should see a new keybinding in your in-game keybindings for the SideLoader menu.