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A mod for enabling replication for user created actors in Palworld

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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EXPERIMENTAL Thunderstore Mod Manager and r2modmanPlus support for RE-UE4SS and UE games.

Preferred version: 1.0.6


Replication enabler

A mod for enabling replication for user created actors in Palworld.


Palworld uses a custom optimized replication graph for deciding which actors replicate and which not, this mod detours some functions from it and allows every actor from /Game/Mods to replicate if they have replication enabled.


Install this mod from Thunderstore or from GitHub releases.

If you download the mod from github releases, it should be installed into Binaries/Win64/Mods.

For developers

If you want your actor to replicate with this mod, jsut enable Replicates in Unreal Editor, this will make the actor relevant to players who see it. If you want the actor to be always relevant enable the Always Relevant option. Other options might not work in the editor (not tested).


@yangff - For figuring out a lot of stuff regarding replication