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Hi! Welcome to Fog Mod! This is a mod that adds fog to every area in the game. I made it while working on the Patch Quest modding wiki, I found out that there was an easy and simple way to set the fog settings for different parts of the game, so I made this mod so that you can play with fog. I hope that this challenge is somewhat interesting, also if anyone manages to beat the game (true ending) with this I'll put their name in this list, you don't need proof, this is just a fun little challenge thing Fogmod Screenshot

Custom Fog Color

As of v1.1.0, FogMod now supports a custom fog color. This can simply be found in the MelonPreferences config file.

Planned Features

  • Blindness mode
    • Full intensity fog that makes it impossible to see pretty much everything except things that appear on top of the fog normally (like outlines, and shots)
    • I'll also probably make a separate leaderboard for this because this mode would be insane


  • Example - March 5, 2023