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Allows for stacking relics and only having one relic in the item pool.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Peglin. Preconfigured and ready to go.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100



A mod that makes relics in Peglin stackable, and allows you to choose up to 3 relics that you will see in-game.


Once installed, the settings menu should have 4 new options at the bottom (Credit to Rwarazor for their code) that allow you to input the relics you want. The first option determines if the relics appear randomly, or in a consistent order. The 3 next options are spaces for you to type in the EXACT ENGLISH NAME of the relics you want. Capitalization does matter. Otherwise, game will softlock. As for Pumpkin π, <-- copy and paste that right there. Leave the options empty if you only want 1 or 2 relics to appear.


If your game crashes, or you quit and exit, or anything that leaves the gameplay and either returns to the main menu or exits completely, uhhh, good luck. You very well might lose all your progress, or maybe everything will be fine. So don't do that. If that does happen, your odds of saving your progress are better if you fully restart the game then hit continue, than just hitting continue from the get-go. I also do not guarantee whether this mod works with others or not.

List of Functional Relics

Heres a list of all the relics that function properly, or at least should, in the order I added them, with the correct naming scheme.

  • An Apple A Day
  • Wall Chicken
  • The Cake
  • Powder Collector
  • Popping Corn
  • Bomb Baton
  • Bombulet
  • Sealed Conviction
  • Ambidextionary: Does not work with Sealed Conviction
  • Matryoshka Shell
  • Wand of Skulltimate Greed: Will double the quantity of coins, and prices, repeatedly
  • Molten Gold
  • Hero’s Backpack
  • Constricting Chains
  • Improved Catalyst
  • Perfected Reactant
  • Sapper Sack: Doubles enemy and self damage for every additional relic
  • Defresh Potion: Morbid now stacks, allowing for multiple procs when hitting dead pegs
  • Glorious SuffeRing
  • Suffer the Sling
  • Smoke Mod
  • Choke Mod
  • Inconspicuous Ring
  • Ambiguous Amulet
  • Branch of Ember
  • Mask of Sorrow
  • Peglinero’s Pendant
  • Navigationflation: Stacking goes from 4 to 8 to 12 and so on
  • Cursed Mask
  • Molten Mantle
  • Critikris
  • Cookie
  • Refillosopher’s Stone
  • Monster Training
  • Wand of Skulltimate Power
  • Grinding Monstera
  • Refreshiv
  • Echo Chamber: Adds 10% echo each stack, the first relic will display the current additional damage
  • Ancient Fleece
  • Critsomallos Fleece
  • Adventurine
  • Well-Done Steak
  • Ring of Indignation
  • Puppet
  • Sash of Focus
  • Bad Cheese
  • Weaponized Envy
  • Consuming Chalice
  • Unpretentious Pendant
  • Betsy’s Hedge
  • Power Glove
  • Electropegnet
  • Mental Mantle
  • Infernal Ingot
  • Duplication Station
  • Safety Net
  • Basic Blade
  • Complex Claw
  • Alchemist’s Cookbook
  • Pumpkin π: Adds to the number of times an orb will be teleported
  • Rallying Heart
  • Haglin’s Satchel
  • Dungeon Die
  • Refillibuster
  • Refresher Course
  • Brassicaceae Knuckles
  • Knight Cap
  • Refreshield
  • Dumb Bell
  • Shrewd Scales
  • Ring of Reuse
  • Sand Arrows
  • Grubby Gloves
  • Spiral Slayer
  • Special Button
  • Lucky Penny
  • Fresh Bandana
  • PegBag
  • Gift That Keeps Giving: Eventually pegs become essentially unbreakable, so good luck with that
  • Salt Shaker
  • Roundreloquence
  • Essential Oil
  • Training Weight
  • Mask of Joy
  • Prime Slime
  • A Good Slime
  • Ballpeen Hammer
  • Fiery Furnace

List of Non-functional Relics

These relics don't work. Or maybe they do. If so, great.

  • Eye of the Turtle
  • Enhanced Gunpowder: Works until it doesn't, in other words, will crash if you get too many
  • Prime Rod of Frost
  • Curse of the Peglin King
  • Basalt Toadem
  • Kinetic Meteorite
  • Ancient Meteorite
  • Short Fuse
  • Recombombulator
  • Heavy Shaft Potion
  • Light Shaft Potion
  • Intentional Oboe
  • Round Guard
  • Duplication Potion
  • Decoy Orb
  • Grabby Hand
  • Seraphic Shield
  • Pocketwatch
  • Axe Me Anything
  • Overwhammer
  • Strange Brew
  • Crumpled Character Sheet
  • Gardener’s Gloves
  • Tactical Treat
  • Weighted Chip
  • Super Boots
  • Unicorn Horn?
  • Perfect Forger
  • Orbert’s Story
  • Au Auger
  • Bag of Orange Pegs
  • Beckoning Crit
  • Alien’s Rock
  • Spheridae’s Fate
  • Leaf The Rest For Later
  • House of Slime
  • Vitamin C!
  • IOU
  • Spinventoriginality
  • Peglintuition