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DetourContext Dispose Fix

A BepInEx patcher to fix MonoMod.RuntimeDetour's DetourContext.Dispose not working.

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DetourContext.Dispose Fix

This BepInEx Patcher applies the fix from Fix DetourContext.Dispose #102, which makes MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.DetourContext.Dispose work properly. This is only useful if you are using a version of MonoMod.RuntimeDetour which doesn't have this patch.

If the patcher doesn't find the IL code it is looking to patch, it will print Nothing to patch. to the BepInEx console. If this is the case, this patcher isn't needed.

Why This Matters

If you are using DetourContext, e.g.:

using(new DetourContext(){ Priority = 100 })
    On.StartOfRound.Awake += Hook_2;
On.StartOfRound.Awake += Hook_1;

The DetourContext wouldn't dispose of itself, and Hook_1 would run before Hook_2 because it also got applied to it.
With this patcher, the DetourContext will dispose of itself and Hook_2 will run before Hook_1 like it should.