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Adds 45 new maps crafted with love.

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Custom map core functionality

Preferred version: 0.9.5


45 amazingly fantastic maps designed for 4+ players.
Current maps are the following:

-Battlefield	-Breakaway	-Canyon		-Chute		-Compartment
-Conflict -Crossing -Cubed -Dinner -Dojo
-Drain -Factory -Fortress -Geometry -Hotel
-House -Island -Laboratory -Labryinth -Lightbulbs
-Mountains -Office -Pillars -Pit -Playground
-Playset -Pods -Range -Rescue -Rooftop
-Silhouette -Skatepark -Skyline -Sewers -Slope
-Storage -Swingset -Tabletop -Temple -Transformation
-Train -Treehouse -Triangular -Underneath -Warehouse

+Version 5.2.0: Reworked Skyline, removed Pillar and Swinging and added 4 new maps!
+Version 5.1.0: Added 6 brand new maps, plus a rework of an old once removed map!
+Version 5.0.0: Reworked/touched up 25 maps, and added 1 new one
+Version 4.0.0: Added 8 new maps, edited 7, and removed some bad fluff maps
+Version 3.1.0: Added 5 new maps
+Version 3.0.0: Added 6 new maps and edited Rescue!
+Version 2.1.1: Minor change to tabletop
+Version 2.1: Pods and Geometry added, some maps slightly tweaked
+Version 2.0: Almost every map has been updated/reworked!
+Version 1.5: Tabletop added
+Version 1.4: Rooftops and Dojo added
+Version 1.3: Mountains, Pit, Treehouse, and Rescue added
+Version 1.2: Playground, House, Silhouette, and Laboratory added
+Version 1.1: Temple, Sliced, and Skatepark added
+Version 1.0: Created