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Decreases the number of passcode notes.

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This mod reduces the number of passcode notes by 60% when the game generates a city. This makes the game more realistic and makes codebreakers more useable.

One thing that bugs me about the base game is that nearly every citizen writes down their passcode. You never ever worry about not having a passcode because it's always around on a note. According to Google, in real life only 38% of people write down their passwords. This mod brings the number of notes closer to that value.


This is a BepInEx plugin. You must have BepInEx installed for this to work. Get it in a mod manager or by this link:

To install manually, unpack the archive into "Shadows of Doubt/BepInEx/plugins", so that it's like this: "plugins/FewerPasscodeNotes/FewerPasscodeNotes.dll".



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